How To Treat & Prevent Razor Burn


Razor burn on the face is, unfortunately, something that often comes with the territory of shaving. However, if you just take some extra care, you can get a smoother and more comfortable shave.

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What Is Razor Burn?

Razor burn, quite simply, is skin irritation or rash caused by shaving. It usually looks like bumps on the skin and is inflamed and irritated. Razor rash is unsightly and uncomfortable, but why does razor burn happen? There are a few main reasons. It could be brought on by a dull razor, pushing too hard, shaving too fast, not using shaving cream, or not preparing the skin enough before shaving.

How To Get Rid Of Razor Burn

Getting rid of razor burn isn't that difficult, luckily. All you have to do is take extra care while shaving and do some aftercare and you'll be well on your way to a smooth shave that looks and feels great.


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How To Prevent Razor Burn

In order to prevent razor burn, there are a few steps you need to follow. First, you need to make sure that your skin is adequately prepared for shaving. This means that your skin should be wet with warm water so that your pores have a chance to open. Next, you should exfoliate so that you have a nice smooth surface to work with. This will also get rid of any small hairs that could clog your pores and leave behind red bumps after shaving. Don't do this too often - twice a week at most.

Then, make sure that your razor is clean and the blades are sharp. A dirty razor could leave behind bacteria that irritates the skin, and a dull razor won't give you a smooth shave. The next step is to ensure your skin is lubricated - this means that you need to apply some sort of shaving creme or gel.

Once you start shaving take your time and do long, even strokes. Shaving too quickly is a major cause of razor burn. Also, make sure you're rinsing off your razor in hot water between each stroke. Also as you shave, don't push too hard as this can take your skin off with the hair which will lead to irritation.

Once you've finished shaving, make sure you rinse your skin thoroughly so you don't leave anything behind that could clog your pores. Finally, finish up with aloe vera or a moisturiser that has aloe vera to stop any shaving irritation from popping up.


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How To Treat Razor Burn

There are a quite a few simple home remedies you can use if you need to know how to soothe razor burn. First, you can try applying aloe or a lotion with aloe to the affected area - it is cooling and soothing. Another popular home remedy for razor burn is making an aspirin paste. To make the paste mix two uncoated aspirin tablets with one tablespoon of warm water and apply it to the razor burn for ten to fifteen minutes for quick razor burn relief.

The next option is to swipe some apple cider vinegar across the area like a toner and let it absorb into the skin. You could also try the same method with witch hazel. Using tea tree oil is another good option because it will soothe the skin as well as work against shaving rashes. Just make sure to dilute it with a little bit of water before applying it.

The last remedy is a bit unconventional, which is mashing up strawberries and sour cream and applying it like a mask for ten to fifteen minutes. The strawberries will reduce the swelling and the redness and the sour cream is cooling.


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How To Get Rid Of Razor Bumps Fast

In order to get rid of razor bumps fast, there are a few top remedies you should try. Using a hot compress could help to instantly bring down the angry red bumps that come with razor burn. Also, applying green or white tea to the area could help as well. Just make a cup of either and keep it in the fridge to cool and then apply it will a cotton round or a soft cloth.

How To Treat & Prevent Razor Burn

  • In order to prevent razor burn, the most important things to do are to make sure your skin is prepared with warm water and shaving creme, that you have a clean and sharp razor, and that you slow and even strokes.
  • In order to treat razor burn, seek out remedies that will soothe the irritation and bring down the bumps. Using things like aloe vera, witch hazel, and even an aspirin paste should do the trick.
  • A quick razor bumps treatment is applying heat with a hot compress, it will bring down the bumps considerably.


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On That Note

Razor burn is a frustrating thing to deal with after shaving, but luckily it is rather easy to treat it. Of course, prevention is easier than treating it, so make sure you're taking extra care while shaving so you don't have to deal with angry red bumps in the first place. Well prepared skin and a clean, sharp razor are your best bet for getting a smooth and comfortable shave.


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