How To Remove Facial Hair Without A Razor

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Shaving may seem like the easiest and cheapest option when it comes to removing facial hair (and it probably is). But if you're prone to sensitive skin or you want your hair removal to last a little longer, there are other options out there.

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Facial hair. You either can't grow it but you want it, or you grow too much of it and want to be able to tame it. There's no in-between. Whichever one you are, there's going to be those stray facial hairs that you want to get rid of for longer than you can when you shave. Having a proper shaving routine is all well and good (and we highly recommend it) but getting rid of those sideburns, moustache hairs or eyebrow hairs that seem to grow in weird places for longer than two days can be done in many other ways.

How To Get Rid Of Unwanted Facial Hair

Unwanted facial hair is the bane of some peoples lives, so treating and removing it without them growing back fast, thicker or more coarse may make you a bit happier. For some people, shaving may cause more havoc than good, causing rashes, cuts and ingrown hairs. Luckily there are other methods out there that can leave your skin feeling smooth and refreshed. Some of these methods may not be able to remove your full beard if you don't trim it first, so bear this in mind if you want to go down any of the following routes.


man trimming beard scissors grooming
Trimming A Beard




Facial Hair Removal Cream For Men

This is probably the easiest and definitely the least painful way of removing your facial hair. The outcome will also last longer than if you've shaved, so if you have a busy week ahead then this may be worth a try. Your hair will most definitely grow back again, so don't fret - you'll still be able to grow back your beard. There are so many men's beard removal creams out there so finding the best male hair removal cream will depend on your preference. Make sure you choose one that is for more coarse hair if you have a lot that you want to get rid of.

This method is simple. It involves applying the cream to the area you want the hairs removed, leaving it on for the specified amount of time and rinsing it off afterwards. Easy. As you want to keep your skin smooth and hydrated after removing the hairs it's worth investing in a hydrating moisturiser to finish off the removal process. The removal of the hairs will last usually between two to four weeks depending on how fast your hair grows back, so, if you're after a smooth long lasting, pain-free beard removal, this could be the method for you.


men face cream hair removal
Moisturising The Face




Waxing Your Beard

You may be put off by the thought of the pain from waxing your beard, but if you're looking to up your manscapinggame then waxing may be your next big option. There are many pros and cons to waxing your facial hair so it is worth researching and making sure your decision suits you. Waxing is a great alternative if you want to shape your beard with sharp and straight lines. It will also be beneficial if you don't want certain areas of hair to grow back as after a few waxing sessions the hair will become thinner and the growth slower.

Firstly, of course waxing your beard can be fairly painful as the hairs are slightly more course and have thicker roots than other places of hair growth. But with women waxing all parts of their bodies, surely a man will be able to handle it, right? Waxing will take longer to do than shaving as you have to heat the wax and pull off the strips in smaller sections. The waxing process will also redden your skin for five to ten minutes after, but this is expected as after all you are pulling out hairs.

There are many positives that can outweigh the slight pain of waxing. If you are looking to wax the awkward hairs between your eyebrows or your unwanted sideburns then the waxing method will last longer than having to shave it every few days. The hairs after waxing will be a lot softer so you won't get the stubbly feel you're used to. It is recommended that you either get a trusted friend to do it or, a better option, a professional.


man waxing beard
Waxing Facial Hair




How To Remove Facial Hair Naturally

If shaving, waxing or hair removal cream is to 'mainstream' for you, or (and probably more likely) you want a natural remedy that is good for your skin and removes hair, there are some natural home remedies to remove facial hair that we have found actually do work. Homemade hair removal recipes are good if you have fairly sensitive skin, just make sure you have no allergies to any of the ingredients - so test a small area first.

How to Remove Facial Hair Naturally

Turmeric face mask hair removal is one of the biggest and best ways to naturally remove hair. Turmeric, simply put, is a plant native to Southeast Asia that once dried and ground produces an orange-yellow powder. This powder is not only a spice but is known for being able to improve skin conditions while also having anti-bacterial properties. As well as this, it can help curb hair growth, so is, therefore, an effective natural hair remover when combined into a mixture.

  • Turmeric and chickpea flour (besan) is a traditional India remedy that can effectively remove facial hair, especially around the chin and mouth. To make the paste mix equal amounts of chickpea flour and turmeric with water. Apply this paste to the areas where you wish to remove hair and leave until it dries. Before putting on the paste, if you are putting it on your beard area, it is best to trim the hair first so it is fairly short. Once the paste is dry, rinse it off and you should have smooth and flawless skin.


Turmeric chickpea flour mixture hair removal


Egg White face mask

Egg whites are another way that has been proven to remove hair. This is a similar method to waxing, however, you make your own paste. The paste consists of one egg white, a tablespoon of sugar and half a tablespoon of corn flour - beat this together so the mixture is fairly thick. Apply this to the face where you want to remove the hairs and wait until it dries. In a similar way to waxing, firmly pull of the paste from your face and your hairs should come with it. A calming moisturiser will soothe your skin down and keep the moisture intact after the removal.


egg white hair removal mask


On That Note

There are many alternatives to shaving, especially if you find that using a razor irritates and cuts your skin. If you want long-lasting results and can handle a little bit of pain, the egg white mask and waxing method is the one for you. Men's hair removal cream will give you pain-free results and give you a smooth complexion, so it's ideal if you are bored of shaving every two or three days. It's best to weigh up both the pros and cons and decide which method will give you the results you want.


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