How to Heal Shaving Cuts at Home

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Shaving is a necessity for most men. If you like to keep yourself looking trim and tidy, you'll shave a lot, too. A lot of men use electric razors, however, if that extremely clean shave is necessary, a wet shave is the only way. The issue with wet shaving is that it can be pretty easy to cut yourself. This guide will help you out.

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Shaving cuts can be particularly annoying. They're on your face, so they're not too easy to hide, and they often don't stop bleeding. Although they're relatively painless physically, they can be a big pain to your appearance if they don't stop bleeding quickly.

Imagine the worst case scenario, you've woken up for work a little later than usual, rushed your shave and accidentally slipped. You've cut your face and it won't stop bleeding. You're wearing a white shirt and have to leave the house in 10 minutes - nightmare. The thing is, these cuts can be stopped easily if you know how, and in this guide, we're going to talk you through the best remedies for shaving cuts, how to heal shaving cuts and how to hide shaving cuts.


Man Post Shave in Mirror
Fresh Shave




How to Stop Shaving Cuts

The first step you can take to help your situation is to simply avoid cutting yourself in the first place. Obviously, this can't be ruled out completely, however, there are steps you can take to greatly reduce this. The first is to take good care of your razor and replace the blades often. If you're shaving with the same razor you've been using since you were 16, get rid of it. It's likely to be completely worn out and the blade will probably be blunt. Although this sounds like there would be less risk of cutting yourself, it's actually the opposite, a blunt razor has a much higher chance of catching on your skin and slicing it open.

Why Do Shaving Cuts Bleed More?

"I've cut myself shaving and it won't stop bleeding". As I'm sure you've all noticed, when you cut your face shaving it seems to bleed endlessly, and no matter what you try it doesn't stop. This is a huge problem if you need to be somewhere quickly, or need to look presentable. Not only is it irritating and inconvenient, but having blood drip down your face can look very unprofessional and embarrassing.


Shaving Cut
Shaving Cut
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How to Stop Shaving Cuts from Bleeding

There are multiple ways to stop shaving cuts from bleeding, with some people preferring different methods to others. First off, stick to the traditional method that I'm sure you already know of, and apply pressure to the cut with some tissue. However, this is the furthest some men will go, and just doing this alone will not stop the bleeding. There are a few methods of how to stop shaving cuts fast and we'll run through those below.


Man Wet Shaving
Wet Shaving





Although it seems strange, deodorant is actually a great cure for the bleeding of shaving cuts. The majority of antiperspirants contain aluminium chloride, which although it's primary use is for shrinking sweat glands, it also constricts blood vessels, which will, in turn, stop bleeding. Apply a small amount onto the cut, and although it may initially sting, it will eventually stop the bleeding and help to heal the wound.

Lip Balm

Again, another unlikely remedy that will actually work wonders is lip balm/vaseline. It's one of the best home remedies for shaving cuts. It'll work by forming a seal around the cut and stopping the bleeding, and also stop the cut from scabbing over which can be unsightly.


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Ice Cubes

This is another easy cure that no doubt you'll have lying around the house. Ice cubes can stop your cut bleeding almost instantly. Much like the deodorant cure, ice cubes will also shrink the blood vessels due to the cold, which will stop the bleeding. It'll also most likely give a soothing sensation if you're in pain. Try not to hold the ice against your skin for too long, as this may make your skin flush red.


If you need something in quick reach, you probably have a bottle of mouthwash lying around somewhere in your bathroom. Mouthwash contains alcohol, which acts as an astringent, which consequently will halt the blood flow by causing the tissues in your skin to contract.


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Cut Lip Shaving

When you're wet shaving, the lip is an especially easy place to catch and cut, and a bleeding lip is also especially hard to stop. If it comes to it, and you've cut your lip shaving, use some of the methods we've mentioned above in conjunction with each other and hopefully you should be able to put a stop to the bleeding. First off, apply some lip balm to the affected area, and follow this up by applying pressure to the wound with an ice cube. Finally, apply a few drops of mouthwash and by this time, the cut should be starting to ease and stop bleeding.

Styptic Stick

This may be something you haven't heard of, as it's quite a vintage toiletry and something that your grandad may well have had as part of his shaving kit. However, it's still a really handy accessory that you should definitely look into. What we're referring to here is a small stick, similar in appearance to a lip balm, that consists of a combination of mineral astringents.

Often containing anhydrous aluminium, sulphate, potassium alum and titanium dioxide, it can sound pretty scary. However we can assure this is not the case, these minerals won't damage your skin, in fact, they'll stop the bleeding from your shaving cut incredibly quickly. All you have to do is apply a little of the pencil around the surface area of the cut and wait. It'll sting a little at first but soon after the desired effect will take place.


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Shaving Tools
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How to Heal Shaving Cuts at Home

  • Make sure your shaving kit is up to scratch. Use a decent razor, fresh blade and a good quality foam/gel.
  • Apply pressure to the wound initially using some tissue.
  • Household items such as mouthwash or ice cubes can be great cures.
  • Toiletry essentials for example deodorant can also be the perfect remedy. It will sting at first, but no pain, no gain!
  • Consider purchasing a styptic pencil if you're having this problem too often.


How to heal shaving cuts


On That Note

Cutting your face whilst shaving is a common problem for men, and can be extremely irritating and inconvenient. However, we hope that this guide has talked you through some of the best easy remedies that can be found around the house. The next time you cut yourself shaving, give one of them a try and see for yourself how it really works. Ideally, you should try and avoid cutting yourself in the first place as that rids you of the need for these solutions.


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