How to Get Rid of Warts

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Warts are small lumps on the skin that can be caught pretty easily, and it's likely at some point in your life you'll encounter them. They can be painful and aren't very nice to look at. Here we'll guide you through how to get rid of a wart as quickly and easily as possible. 

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What is a Wart?

Warts are an infection of the top layer of skin, caused by a virus. They're unpleasant and sometimes painful looking growths that can appear on your hands, feet, or face. They can be caught through direct contact with another infected person, or through indirect contact for example visiting a public swimming pool.


Wart on foot medical diagram




What Does a Wart Look Like?

Warts are certainly not attractive in appearance. They are growths on the skin that can be bumpy, rough and hairy. If you have one, I'm almost certain you don't like it and want to get rid of it. Following a few easy steps and methods, fingers crossed it shouldn't be too hard.

Warts on Hands

It's very common, if you become infected with warts for them to appear on your hands. This can be a big issue with self-confidence as it's a noticeable place, and they can become painful if you use your hands a lot. Warts on your fingers are also common and are just as troublesome.

Warts on Face

Again, this is also very common and could make a person even more self-conscious, as it's an extremely noticeable place. If you have developed a wart on your face I can imagine you'd want to get rid of it as quick as possible if you care about your appearance to others.


Wart on finger diagram




Wart Treatment

There are many different ways of getting rid of warts, there's countless products on the market for wart treatment at home, or services that a doctor can offer you. There's also a vast array of natural remedies that some swear by. It all depends what's best for you, how severe your wart is and what type of wart you have. One thing for certain is that the sooner you start treatment for your wart, the better, as they only become stronger with time.

Wart Removal

Obviously, the best way to cure your wart will be to get rid of it completely. There are multiple different ways you can do this/have this done. One of the best wart removal options is to buy a treatment or cream from your local pharmacist or health store. These are usually inexpensive, and although they may take a little while to work (up to 3 months), they're usually pretty effective. They work by slowly breaking down the wart and finally removing it full stop.

If your wart is particularly bad, we'd definitely advise seeing your local doctor. There are a range of treatments that they can offer you, including having your wart frozen off, lasered off, or even burnt off. This might sound a little frightening but not to worry, these treatments are mostly painless, you might experience slight discomfort but not much else. If we're honest, we'd definitely advise seeing a doctor however small your wart might be, even if they advise you to buy a treatment from elsewhere, it's better to be safe than sorry when it comes to this type of thing.


Wart removal treatment
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Wart Cream

As we mentioned previously, there's a huge selection of products available behind the counter for immediate purchase. Among these options one of the most popular is wart creams. These often come in a small kit, containing dressings, an emery board and the cream itself. You use them by first rubbing down the wart with the emery board to expose the sensitive skin, then applying the cream and finally the dressing.

There are a few types of these creams available, but they all work in two main ways. The first of these being acidic creams, they break down the wart slowly and combat the virus. The second are creams that freeze the wart over time, causing it to die and fall off. These are both effective methods.


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How to Get Rid of Warts Naturally

As well as all the over the counter and medical treatments for warts, there's a lot of natural remedies for warts, some of which have been used for years. There's mixed opinions on these remedies, with some people heralding them a massive success, and others not so much.

The most obvious option would be boosting your immune system. Start taking vitamins and supplements if you can, eat healthier and get more sleep. As warts are caused by a weakened immune system, if you can strengthen it your body will be able to fight the virus a lot better.






Other Natural Remedies for Warts

There are endless remedies out there, but some of the most popular ones are best known for their successes. Covering your wart in duct tape is probably the most famous. This method involves sticking a small segment of duct tape over your wart every day for a few months. It works by slowly removing a layer of the effected skin everytime, and will eventually get rid of the entire wart.

Another classic treatment is to use garlic. Mix some fresh garlic with water until it forms a paste. Cover the wart in this paste consistently every few hours, and rumour has it it should get rid of your wart. This method can also be applied exactly the same, but substituting the garlic for pineapple, aspirin or tea tree oil. All of these are natural remedies that are highly recommended.






How To Get Rid Of Warts

  • First things first, see your local doctor - they will advise you what to do next.
  • Work out what treatment is right for you, your doctor will help with this.
  • Be consistent with your treatment, if you're lazy and forget to apply your chosen remedy it will not work.
  • Act fast - the sooner you deal with your issue the quicker you will be able to rid yourself of it.


doctor and patient
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On That Note

Warts are not a nice thing to have to deal with in many ways, however the likelihood is that at some point in our lives all of us will. If you act fast and follow the steps we've provided you with, you should be wart free in no time. The best way to avoid warts in the first place is to lead a healthy lifestyle, that way your immune system will be up to scratch - protecting you from viruses such as warts.


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