How Avocado Oil Can Help Your Skin

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Forget about coconut oil, avocado oil can help heal and soothe your skin to make it feel hydrated and refreshed. Avocado oil will also help towards any skin inflammation making it a natural skin care product that can be used many ways.

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Not just a healthy food choice or a hydrating hair mask, avocado can be used on the skin to help with spots, blackheads, eczema and some other skin inflammations. Avocado oil is used for calming itchy or irritated skin, healing chapped or broken areas, replenishing dry skin and most importantly, moisturising and hydrating. Considered as a carrier oil, the avocado has some of the richest sources of fatty acids that are pressed to make the oil that works wonders for your skin.


avocado oil for skin
Avacado Oil
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Top Avocado Oil Recipes For Skin

The avocado oil can be used alone or in conjunction with your everyday moisturisers. Why not use it as a face mask or in a mix of your own creation? The amount of Avocado oil for your skin will depend on your skin type - as it is a natural ingredient, using too much can make oily skin even oilier.

If you want to use the oil alone, (especially if you have sensitive skin) use clean cotton pads to sparingly cover your face or other areas of skin with the avocado oil. If you are using avocado oil for dry skin it may be best to mix it with your everyday body lotion, as this will add to the moisture content. To create your own oil moisturiser mix, combine the avocado oil with a nourishing oil like tamanu or emu. Add one or two drops of an essential oil like lavender or rose. Apply this to the face with a cotton pad as a daily oil based moisturiser. For an avocado face mask, you can simply mash up an avocado and apply to the face without any need to buy the avocado oil. This may be messy but you'll start to see beneficial results.

Avocado oil for skin collagen has big benefits due to its moisturising ability. The oil is not too heavy and a little goes a long way making it the perfect morning moisturiser. It may take longer to be absorbed than your other moisturisers but the results after ten to fifteen minutes will be worth the wait.


avocado oil skin face moisturiser
The Benefit Of Avocado Oil




How Can Avocado Oil Help Your Skin?

  • Anti-inflammatory properties allow it to help heal and soothe troubled skin that's prone to eczema, acne or dryness.
  • Moisturising and hydrating properties. The oil has an amazing effect on the appearance and texture of your complexion.
  • Compatibility with sensitive skin. The natural ingredient contains high levels of chlorophyll making it a simple moisturiser.
  • Can help shield and protect your skin from UV radiation. When you're exposed to sun be sure to still wear sunscreen.


The Benefit Of Oil
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On That Note

Avocado oil will hydrate, heal and replenish your skins natural smooth texture. The anti-inflammatory property allows the oil to be used for all kinds of skin inflammations. The oil will also benefit and aid any skin healing processes. With the oil being good for sensitive skin, it's a benefit that's hard to find. We definitely recommend you give avocado oil a go - it's definitely worth a try.


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