A Guide To Silver/Grey Hair for Men

A Guide To Silver/Grey Hair for Men

From red-carpet celebrities to social media influencers; grey-haired men, dyed or natural, young or old, have proven that silver is a stylish alternative to the norm'. Whether you're planning on dying your hair sometime soon or are simply looking for a little style inspiration for your greying locks - read on for more.

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How to Dye Hair Grey?

If you're part of the tribe looking to colour your hair as opposed to dealing with your already greying locks, we'd recommend you initially pop to a salon to get things professionally done. The trend for dying hair grey has really taken off, but the number of guys doing poor D.I.Y jobs and sporting off yellow and orange tones on the street has skyrocketed as a result.

If you're really determined to do it yourself, follow through here for a step-by-step guide.


zayn malik grey hair
Celebrities with Grey Hair


Tips For Preserving Your Grey Hair Colour

Once you've achieved your desired tone of dyed grey hair, here's a few tips on how to keep the grey hair trend going:

  • Try not to wash your hair as often, we know this makes some of you shudder, but when done every day the dye will fade fast. Silver and grey dyes aren’t great at holding their colour.
  • If washing less isn’t an option because you use gels or sprays regularly—look for sulfate-free and colour safe shampoos and conditioners. Sulphates pull the colour from your hair, so read ingredient labels carefully.
  • Despite the similarities, all things are not made equal. If you plan on colouring often, it's vital to shop around to find what shampoos and conditioners work best for you.
  • You want to avoid the yellow brassiness that comes from oxidisation. Colour-depositing products every couple weeks will help. Guys with silver hair should aim for silvering shampoos and conditioners with UV protectants.
  • Toning kits function to neutralise and also brighten dull areas. Keep an eye on your hair and when the colour is looking lacklustre, they'll help bring back balance.



Tips For Styling

  • Use matte products because products with shine will give off a yellow hue. Dump out all your oil-based pomades, they can make grey and silver tones look too greasy.
  • For added volume and texture for men's grey hairstyles, we suggest trying clay-based holds. You’re looking for bentonite on the ingredient labels, which functions as a great filler for hair. You’ll get the solid hold needed for styling without all the extra shine, great for men's short grey hairstyles.
  • While it may seem counterintuitive, a little spritz of oil-based styling product alongside the matte clay will give hair an incredibly natural looking texture - hard to achieve with bleached hair.



Men's Grey Hairstyles: Dyed

This is more for the silver hair men. It’s about individual expression when you’re young. Go all out, take your hair to a level that shows style boundaries don’t exist. Think about a full head of icy tones or going for ombre. If you sport facial hair, you can leave it untouched like a young Zayn Malik for interest.

Keeping the roots dark and feathering out into silver is another favourite for men, especially with undercuts and pumped up volume. As with all grey haired men, maintenance is key - so check out some of our tips above.



Men's Grey Hairstyles: Natural

There is a good chance your hair is now starting to lose its lustrous colour. Some men with silver grey hair will begin to see greying facial hair, wings at their temples or sporadic spots. Wherever this is happening, you can embrace it fully. Despite there being a market for slowing down the process, don’t feel compelled to dive in.

Again, it comes down to having a solid care and grooming routine, purple shampoo and matte styling products are the best product for grey hair. Even if you have a lot to work with, don’t let age stop you from trying different style cuts. It never hurts to still be a little adventurous. And remember sexy grey hair is a thing.



How To Maintain Silver/Grey Hair for Men

  • Try not to wash your hair as often or use sulfate-free and colour-safe products.
  • Use matte products as anything oily or shiny will give hair a yellowish tinge.
  • Use a deep conditioner once a week to keep hair healthy and frizz-free.
  • Toning kits are your new must-have product - they'll keep you grey and remove yellow between dyes.


george lamb grey hair
George Lamb Grey Hair


On That Note

Grey is ageless when done well. It does require time and maintenance, but the end result is striking. Regular visits to your barber/colourist are the best thing men with grey hair can do. As we age, scheduled trimmings are important for keeping the ends healthy. Even if you want to sport a longer length, upkeep is required.

Be careful if taking a D.I.Y approach, incorrect bleaching and toning processes can leave unwanted tints you will have to remove. Prevention is better than cure, so if you're not certain about what you're doing - visit the colourist before needing an emergency appointment to fix damages. Either way, if you're considering a silver do, kudos to you - stand out, be confident and own it!


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