How To Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes


Quite often, one of our first struggles in the morning - other than getting out of bed - is getting rid of those puffy bags under the eyes. But how? Read on for our top tips and remedies to reduce puffy eyes so you can wake up looking more refreshed.

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Puffy Eyes Causes

Waking up with puffy eyes can be really frustrating. They make you look tired and worn out - even if you manage to get plenty of sleep. To put it simply, puffy eyes are the result of fluid accumulating under the eyes. Since the skin under the eyes is so thin and delicate fluid retention is especially evident in this area.

The reasons why one's under eyes may become puffy vary in person. The causes are diverse, a few being: too much salt in the diet, physical stress, allergies, lack of sleep, hormone fluctuations, and hangovers. Puffy eyes can also simply be caused by your genes.

Puffy eyes are something that we're sure we all have dealt with at some point or another. So, we've put together a list of quick home remedies for puffy under eyes so that you can look your best.


Preventing Puffy Eyes




Remedies For Puffy Eyes

Attend To Your Allergies

Puffy eyes could be the reflection of unaddressed allergies. The most common allergy that causes puffy eyes is seasonal allergies, more commonly known as hay-fever. Hay-fever affects millions of people and can cause swelling and inflammation. Make an effort to be aware of all of your allergies and try to take action to prevent or tame them as much as possible, even if you have to take some form of medication. Any allergy that causes inflammation or fluid retention could manifest themselves by puffing up under your eyes. Nobody wants that.

Get Enough Sleep

Having enough sleep every night is so important to not only the functioning of everyday life but also to your health. We know, easier said than done. However, if it's possible buy a decent mattress so you can get a few more hours of sleep, as this will drastically reduce your chances of having puffy eyes in the morning. Getting more sleep will ensure that your body has enough time to restore itself overnight. This makes it so there won't be any fluid pooling under the eyes making them puffy the next morning.

We are recommended to have at least 8 hours of sleep every night. Some people find if they go over the 8 hours they feel even less refreshed than they did before they went to bed. This is subjective to the person, so figure out what works for you and stick to a routine.

Drink Enough Water

Puffy eyes are a surefire sign of dehydration. We know it's not easy to get your two litres of water in every day, but simply upping your water intake is a simple and effective puffy eyes remedy.


Drinking Water Is Beneficial For Your Health
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Cut Back On Salt

An excess of salt in the diet, unfortunately, can also cause puffy eyes. Salt causes the body to retain fluid, resulting in inflated eye bags. Salty chips are delicious indeed, but next time consider skipping them to deflate puffiness in the under eyes.

Reduce Alcohol

Again, reducing your alcohol intake may seem much easier said than done. However, if you can find it within yourself to drink less you would save yourself a hangover and the dehydration that causes your eye bags to puff up. You know your body best, and if you feel your body is reacting negatively to not only alcohol but any food or drink you should listen to that instinct.

Eye Cream

If you frequently have puffy eyes, consider investing in an eye cream. Besides, it's always a good idea to care for the delicate skin under the eyes. The best eye cream for puffy eyes is one that contains caffeine as it will help to combat the swelling that makes your eyes look puffy and tired. A decent eye cream will, unfortunately, cost you a few pennies. Any cream that is cheap probably won't have all of the ingredients and nutrients that are necessary to make a difference.


Eye Cream Will Help Your Eyes
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Quick Fixes For Puffy Eyes

If you've got puffy eyes and need a quick fix, think of the two C's - cold and caffeine.

A cold compress or even a cold spoon applied to the swelling under the eyes immediately starts to deflate it. If you are prone to puffy eyes, it's a good idea is to keep a few spoons in your freezer. Sounds crazy, right? But these may be your go-to relief when you need a quick remedy. If you really don't have any spoons to spare, just pop a couple in the fridge for about 30 minutes and then use one on each eye to bring the swelling down. Warning: don't do this in public.

Most tea contains caffeine which is a key remedy for puffy eyes. You can put tea bags on your eyes to instantly deflate puffiness. All you have to do is save the tea bags from a couple cups and keep them in the fridge for about 30 minutes. Take them out and pop them on your eyes while reclined and you'll notice your eye bags go down. This trick works especially well with green tea as it contains anti-inflammatory properties.


Eye Care




How To Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes

  • The causes for puffy eyes are diverse. The most common causes are; too much salt in the diet, physical stress, allergies, lack of sleep, hormone fluctuations, and hangovers. They can also be genetic.
  • Quick fixes for puffy eyes include applying something cool like a cold compress, caffeinated tea bags, or even cold spoons to the under eye area.
  • Long-term ways to combat puffy eyes include getting plenty of sleep, drinking enough water, cutting back on salt and alcohol and investing in a special eye cream.
  • Allergies can cause many health issues. Make sure you pin down on yours and get them treated and under control.


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On That Note

Puffy eyes are irritating, making you look tired and worn out even if you feel great. The causes for puffy eyes are quite diverse, but that also means that there are many ways to address the issue. Many of these remedies are simple and can be done right at home, so you shouldn't have trouble with them for very long.


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