How to Get Jake Gyllenhaal's Hair

How to Get Jake Gyllenhaal's Hair

He might not be the first man you'd think of in terms of sartorial inspiration, but Jake Gyllenhaal has sported a variety of smart hairstyles through his years that have garnered their fair share of attention nonetheless. Wondering how to get Jake Gyllenhaal's hair? Let's take a look.

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Jake Gyllenhaal's Hairstyle

Jake Gyllenhaal Buzz Cut

Likely one of the most memorable of Jake Gyllenhaal's haircuts, the American actor has sported a buzz cut for a number of roles through his film career - with Jarhead likely being the most well-known example of the lot. Simple, straightforward and incredibly easy to maintain, the buzz cut lends itself perfectly to Jake's smaller, oval head shape.

How to Style a Buzz Cut

We need not go into much detail here, a quick visit to the barbers every few weeks for a number one clippers all over - job done. If you'd prefer to take a D.I.Y approach, there are a few shaving products designed to be used independently so you can maintain the style from home.



Jake Gyllenhaal Slicked Back Hair

Another of Jake's more popular styles, with the marginally longer locks he had grown out for movie roles, Jake typically wore his hair in a slicked back fashion, spawning a plethora of male, and female, admirers. Also known as Jake Gyllenhaal's 'Prisoners' haircut thanks to the popular movie role, it's a smart, clean style that'll suit both casual and professional situations.

How to Style a Slicked Haircut

With a slicked back look, it's more about the cut than the way you approach styling. Looking at the examples below, you can see that a slicked back style works in a variety of ways, from an undercut to a longer, more dishevelled finish.

Once you've got the cut down, its a matter of applying some hair cream, gel or pomade, blow-drying it backwards, then running your fingers through the hair to add a little texture. Finish off with a blast of hairspray and you're done.



Jake Gyllenhaal Crew Cut

While the crew cut isn't exactly going to turn any heads, you can rest assured that almost every man on the planet has sported this style at some point in their life. Classic, timeless and subtle, it's typically kept quite short around the back and sides while leading into a marginally longer top.

Jake, as he's done with most other styles, has experimented with the cut several times in his career, typically not leaving it long after until he changes things up.

How to Style a Crew Cut

Achieving the crew cut is pretty straightforward. As one of the most common men's haircuts, any half-decent barbers will be able to give you the hairstyle without much explanation needed. When it comes to managing and styling, a quick slick of your chosen hair product to add a little texture and hold should do the trick.



Jake Gyllenhaal Quiff

Another popular style that Gyllenhaal has opted for on more than one occasion is the old faithful quiff. Once again, a quiff isn't going to put you at the top of the trendsetters pile, but it's a smart and stylish cut nonetheless.

How to Style a Quiff

The main focus point of a quiff is obviously the upward styled fringe, the back and sides can be either shorter or longer - but the fringe remains the same. The simplest way to achieve a quiff fringe is to apply a styling/protecting spray before blow-drying backwards, using a cylinder brush for control. Once finished, use some hairspray to maximise hold, and you're set.



On That Note

There we have it. Although Jake might not be seen as the most progressive of gents when it comes to his hairstyles - the classic options he goes for are timeless and iconic, perfect inspiration for the guy hoping to look his best, would turning too many heads.


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