Face Mapping: Determine What your Acne Means


You may think that acne blemishes are totally random. However, it turns out you can target your acne treatment through the use of face mapping. Read on to learn how you can decode your acne for clearer skin.

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What Is Face Mapping?

Ever wondered why breakouts consistently reappear on certain areas of your face? Face mapping acne says that you can decode these stubborn blemishes by seeing how they correspond to issues in different areas of your body or lifestyle. You can observe evidence of certain health issues on your face through how bright or dull the skin is, the colour of the skin, and of course through acne blemishes.

The history of face mapping goes back thousands of years to the days of ancient Chinese medicine. According to Chinese face mapping, since your skin is the largest organ in the body, if there's something ailing you there will likely be some evidence on the skin. And, although the concept has evolved over time, the core idea of the practice is the same - the areas where you're breaking out is a reflection of what's going on in your body.

In order to get a proper face mapping analysis, we recommend using Dermalogica face mapping. They have professionally trained skin therapists that'll be able to pinpoint what and why you get the same blemishes on you face. Alternatively, you can use face mapping software or have a peek at the chart below if you aren't able to make it to see a professional.


dermalogical face mapping chart
PHOTO CREDIT: Dermalogica


Face Mapping Analysis


Pimples on the forehead are a dead giveaway to issues in the digestive system. This could point to the fact that you're having issues digesting certain foods. Acne on the forehead could also be indicative of problems in the liver, problems related to stress, or a disrupted sleep schedule.

In order to tackle digestive issues, try taking digestive enzymes or bitter herbs before each meal. For digestive enzymes we suggest bromelain and papaya to help break down foods. On top of that, make sure you’re getting your eight hours of sleep every night. If you suspect liver issues, try some dandelion tea or add some extra garlic and onions to your cooking. Drinking hot water with lemon in the morning could also help clear up any problem areas.


man looking in the mirror clear skin




Between The Brows

Have you fallen victim to the temptation of fast food recently? Acne between brows according to face mapping skin analysis could be evident of a few chips too many as greasy and fatty foods can wreak havoc on this area.

In order to clear up these face mapping spots, try sticking to healthier choices as much as you can. Another possible cause of being spotty between the brows is too much alcohol. If you find that pimples here sprouted up after a night out where you consumed a few drinks, that may be your issue.


According to Chinese face mapping, the nose is connected to the cardiovascular system. Thus, issues in this areas can sprout up on your nose in the form of blemishes. Since the heart pumps blood to the rest of the body, it can be difficult to narrow down what exactly might be ailing you. However, a few possible issues include high blood pressure or high blood cholesterol. Stress always seems to provoke breakouts all over the face, so you could begin to notice spots on your nose if stress is getting to you.


man washing his face in the mirror healthy skin
PHOTO CREDIT: devie.it





If you spend a lot of time in the city, sitting in traffic, or have otherwise come into contact with polluted air, this could explain breakouts on the cheeks. Even the air in our homes can be polluted, so perhaps get a few plants to help clear it up.

Allergies that affected the respiratory system could also be the culprit. Bacteria left behind from having your phone pressed to your your face could be causing breakouts on the cheeks. So make sure you're cleansing your skin thoroughly both morning and night to prevent this, and maybe do some detoxing. Breakouts on the cheeks could also be an indication of too much sugar in the diet, so cut out a few of those extra sweets and see if that helps as well.


Finally, be sure you’re not resting your chin in your hands when bored or tired, as this can transfer oils from your fingers onto your chin, which can cause those annoying pimples. Breakouts in this area can also be linked to poor diet or even food allergies, as according to Chinese face mapping, this area is linked to the small intestine.


men clear skin acne




Face Mapping: Determine What your Acne Means

  • Blemishes on the forehead point to digestive issues.
  • Acne between the brows could mean
  • Spots on the nose are linked to cardiovascular issues.
  • Blemishes on the cheeks are the result of exposure to air pollution or otherwise congestion from oil and bacteria or too much sugar in the diet.
  • Breakouts on the chin could be due to poor diet or food allergies.


man looking in mirror washing face
PHOTO CREDIT: Young Living Essential Oils


On That Note

Breakouts on the face may seem like senseless evil. However, according to Chinese face mapping, the face is a window to the rest of the body. You can pinpoint the underlying causes of acne by using different face mapping spots to discover what is aggravating your breakouts. Take a moment to identify your problem areas and target your acne treatment accordingly to see clearer skin.


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