Does Brad Pitt Suffer from Hair Loss?

brad pitt with stubble and short hair|brad pitt mens shaved head

When you think of Brad Pitt, hair loss probably isn't the first thing that comes to your mind. Despite now being in his 50s, he still manages to maintain a full head of thick hair. Is he just lucky? Or has Brad Pitt stopped his hair from thinning before it got noticeable? 

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Brad Pitt Hairline

Brad Pitt has had many hairstyles over the years. Other than the odd exception such as when he shaved his hair off, Brad Pitt has always sported full-bodied hairstyles. Despite this, other signs of ageing such as greying facial hair and wrinkles have begun to catch up with the iconic actor. How, then, has he managed to keep his hair so well maintained?


brad pitt mens shaved head
Brad Pitt Bald
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How to Stop Hair Thinning

Instead of waiting until you've got no hair before trying to do something, it's better to combat hair loss early on. If Brad Pitt was starting to go bald, he's almost certainly already had treatment. Products such as Minoxidil and Propecia have been medically proven to help prevent male pattern baldness.

These products work primarily by increasing blood flow to the applied areas. This helps to increase nutrition to the hair follicles and ultimately increase hair growth. Out of all the hair loss products around, the MRHA, the British health regulator, only recognised Minoxidil and Propecia as helping to prevent hair loss.


Brad Pitt Hairstyle

If you're lucky enough to have hair as thick and as manageable as Brad Pitt, then there's no excuse for not taking advantage. There are plenty of inspirational Brad Pitt haircuts to try and copy. Whether you prefer his 90s curtains look or a sleeker undercut pompadour, there's a style for everyone.



On That Note

Although most men in their 50s will have experienced some form of hair thinning, Brad Pitt has managed to avoid it. If this is due to treatment, it's hard to find an example of Brad Pitt before and after. Unlike many men, Pitt will have noticed his hair beginning to thin and have done something about it. The earlier you react to hair loss, the easier it is to prevent. If you are worried about this or your current rate of hair loss then it is best to speak to a professional who can advise you on hair restoration options.


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