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As a man, one of the most irritating things about grooming and personal hygiene can be shaving. With countless products available on the market, it can be a formidable task if you've decided to try a new product. Cornerstone are a UK based shaving supplies company, and they deliver all the necessary goods straight to your door - removing the hassle of having to shop for what you need. Recently, I tried their start up box and here's what I thought.

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Cornerstone sample image
PHOTO CREDIT: Cornerstone

Initial Thoughts

The box itself was presented very professionally. Upon opening it I was greeted by a well written and clear guide on how to use all the products. Inside the box, I found pre shave face scrub, shaving gel, post shave gel, the Cornerstone razor itself, spare blades and a blade cover. I was stunned with how much was actually contained within the box - great value for money. On top of all this, the product is packaged amazingly, with the use of bio-degradable materials and on point presentation.

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PHOTO CREDIT: Cornerstone

The Shave Itself

Before trying the razor for the first time, I applied the pre-shave face scrub whilst having a hot shower to open my pores as this is highly advised before having a wet shave. Next up, I gently rubbed the shave cream onto the shave area. I was surprised as this wasn't the typical shaving "cream" and it was more of a gel. At first I was sceptical about this, as it's different to what myself and most other men are used to. Then I unboxed the razor itself, and was instantly impressed with it's quality. The Cornerstone razor is seriously weighty, packed full of features and just feels great in-hand. My shave was off to a good start. Upon shaving, again I wasn't disappointed. In fact it was the opposite, the shave was impeccably clean and painless, leaving no remnants of my stubble left behind.

Cornerstone sample image 3
PHOTO CREDIT: Cornerstone

Post Shave

After drying my face off, once again I was impressed with how well the shave had gone, my skin was smoother than with any other product I've used, and I wasn't left with any cuts, one of the biggest issues with a wet shave. I then applied the provided post-shave balm. It was a shock to the system at first, I wasn't expecting the strong honeycomb and mint sensation. But I would definitely recommend it - my skin was left feeling fresh and conditioned.
PHOTO CREDIT: Cornerstone

On That Note

Overall, I would recommend the Cornerstone box to anyone looking for an alternative to their usual shaving product. The box would make the perfect gift for a male friend or relatives Christmas or birthday gift. It's amazing value for money with regards to what you actually receive in the box. I for one, will be using the Cornerstone set again.

Get £10 off your first Cornerstone box if you are a new customer using the code IDLEMAN, or by following the link to their website.

  • First time Cornerstone customers only
  • UK residents only
  • Must be 18 years old or older
  • Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers


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