4 Timeless Comb Over Hairstyles for Men

4 Timeless Comb Over Hairstyles for Men

Easily one of the most popular, iconic and timeless hairstyles for men around; a comb over, in all its varieties, is a worthy consideration for any man seeking a stylish new do. Once associated with balding men grasping to their last few strands of hair, it's since become a broader term for a variety of side-swept styles - similar to a side parting. Considering this classic style? Let's take a look at your options.

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Men's Comb Over Haircuts

#1: Undercut Comb Over

One of the more contemporary iterations, an undercut comb over combines the traditional horizontal direction of the style with the fresher, edgier undercut haircut. Defined by its contrasting lengths from a more voluminous top to shorter sides; the undercut's comb over/shaved sides combo makes for a perfect marriage of the conventional with the contemporary.

Not overly restricted or particularly specific, the style can feature various elements borrowed from other popular cuts of the modern day. An undercut with a hard part is one such adjustment that, in short, will see a hard parting integrated into the point where the lengthier top and shorter sides meet.

How to ask for an Undercut Comb Over Haircut: Ask your barbers to clippers or scissor cut the back and sides and to a lower gradient than the rest of your hair. While you might not have to touch the top at all, a small amount of snipping may be required to give the desired shape.



 #2: Fade Comb Over

Another take on a more classic comb-over style is to incorporate a fade technique that graduates from the neck up to the longer, side-swept top. Once again, the combination of different elements of several cuts makes for a fresh and original spin on an otherwise established selection of styles.

This particular cut is incredibly adaptable and can be tailored to suit your personal style by varying the intensity of the fade. A harsher, higher fade will give off a more daring appearance for the adventurous gent, whereas a lower, steadier gradient will simply give a tidier finish around the neck and ears.

How to ask for a Fade Comb Over Haircut: Similar to the aforementioned undercut, the top might not require any attention but perhaps a little tidy up. With the sides, ask your barber to slowly taper up to a longer top, incorporating a hard parting if desired.



#3: Long Hair Comb Over

On the lengthier end of the spectrum and taking a similar approach to styling as the aforementioned undercut comb over, a long hair comb over is also defined by shorter sides with a greater amount of hair on top. As you can probably assume from the name, a long hair comb over obviously veers to the lengthier end of things, which in this case is styled to cascade down the side of the face.

How to ask for a Long Comb Over Haircut: The same as the previous undercut, except your barber may wish to layer the length to add some extra definition.



#4: Classic Comb Over Haircut

Last up, and hands down one of the most iconic and popular 50s hairstyles for men - the classic comb-over is just as prominent in the current day as it was back then. Suitable for any workplace, from bartender to banker, it's no wonder that the cut has maintained its position on gent's heads throughout the decades.

Relatively nondescript, the typical style will see a marginally tapered back and sides run up to a hard parting from where the top length will be styled to the side and the back and sides combed down with a wax or wet finish gel.

How to ask for a Classic Comb Over Haircut: There shouldn't need to be much explaining here, explain to your barber that you're looking to style your hair in a comb-over/side parting and he/she'll do the rest.



On That Note

Safe to say, if you were wondering what is a combover - you'll have come to the right place. With the variations above, there's really a cut to suit every lifestyle and desired level of maintenance. Keep things timeless with a classic comb over haircut or perhaps go for something a little more daring with an undercut or faded comb over iteration - once you're not sporting a Trump-esque option, you really can't go wrong.




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