Bruce Willis' Hair Loss

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As one of Hollywood's most visible cases of early male baldness, Bruce Willis has shown men that a full head of hair isn't necessarily the key to good looks. From a young age, he's quickly, and unapologetically, transcended from the realms of receding into full blown baldness - let's take a look at Bruce's balding, from then til' now.

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Before: Bruce Willis with Hair

Arguably his most important breakthrough role, when Bruce Willis starred in tv series Moonlighting way back in 1985 the early signs of a receding hairline were well and truly evident. With an obvious recession of his hair above the temples, it was clear that Willis' barnet was showing signs of disappearing - yet removed none of his, all so admirable, nonchalant macho character.

Through the late eighties/early nineties, as his star soared through roles in iconic motion pictures. Bruce Willis' first movies such as Die Hard, Death Becomes Her & Striking Distance; saw his hair remain relatively unchanged and, although it was receding at points, the length and thickness on top went untouched. Solidifying his role as the Hollywood hard man, Willis gave men with a fading follicle count the reassurance that the length of their coiffure doesn't determine their masculine virility.



By the late nineties and into the early noughties, Bruce's hair began to lose its density as roles like The Sixth Sense, Tears of the Sun, Alpha Dog & 16 Blocks seeing him sporting a marginally wispier do. Once again, Bruce brushed off any attempts of making him seem any less a man, being quoted saying;

I looked at that thinning hair thing Richard Wenk, who wrote 16 Blocks, had going and I liked it. I thought it made a statement. I thought I could use the look for Mosley.


balding long hair
Bruce Willis Hair Loss


After: Bruce Willis Bald

So, when did Bruce Willis go bald? By the time 2007 came around and Die Hard 4.0 was released, Bruce's hair was all but gone as he embraced his bald look. From here on, the days of Bruce's barnet were well and truly over.

Looking at this, if you're wondering when to shave your head, take a look at his pre-2007 do' to give you a good idea of when forfeiting is a good idea. There's nothing worse than a man who's appearing to cling onto his last wispy strands of hair.



Continuing his (rightfully) unphased attitude to the media, Bruce was quoted;

I’ve seen all those little digs where they try to make you feel less of a man because you’re losing your hair. I’m a man and I will kick anyone’s butt who tries to tell me I’m not a man because my hair is thinning, and I like fooling around with looking different ways. I wear makeup in films. I wear hairpieces in films. I don’t wear either in real life. End of subject.

Embracing his shaved head, Bruce continues to enthral audiences with captivating performances as one of the movie industries' most illustrious 'hard men' - hair or no hair.


balding long hair
Bruce Willis Balding Shaved Head


On That Note

Regardless of how old Bruce Willis is, hair or no hair, he's easily one of Hollywood's most iconic actors and has stood the test of time regardless of his waning hairline. Balding or hair loss shouldn't be a stamp of shame for men, after all - in Willis' own words, “Hair loss is God’s way of telling me I’m human". If you are worried about this or your current rate of hair loss then it is best to speak to a professional who can advise you on the best options to regrow your hair.


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