Does Alpecin Shampoo Help Hair Loss?

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We all remember the advert, the claims and the bottle that looked a bit like extra strength bleach, but is this supposedly magical solution a real hair saviour, or just a waste of money? We take a look at Alpecin caffeine shampoo and the research behind it to see if it's really all it's cracked up to be. 

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With many men suffering from male pattern baldness and feeling insecure about their slow loss or thinning of hair, the market is saturated with products that claim to encourage hair growth. However, with every business out there wanting make money rather than necessarily help people, there's always a few lies mixed in with the facts.

Caffeine Shampoo for Hair Growth

Alpecin is a shampoo that, like many others, claims to help stimulate the scalp and encourage hair growth. According to them it does this through the power of caffeine, using a case study from 2007 to back up their point. This study took hair from balding men and exposed them to testosterone, as well as caffeine and testosterone.

The hairs that were exposed to testosterone showed reduced growth, while those exposed to testosterone with the added caffeine were stimulated into regrowing, and didn't appear as affected by the testosterone.

hair testing growth

The obvious conclusion that came from this was that caffeine helps with hair regrowth. While this isn't something that's being denied and while caffeine appears to have an effect on hair growth the question is, does caffeine shampoo work?

Well, it's still unclear how much caffeine is actually needed to cause an effect on hair re-growth, if it works when applied to a human head rather than hairs in a petri dish, and whether a trace of caffeine in some shampoo is enough to actually do anything.

Even through word of mouth, it's hard to work out how good this stuff is. Alpecin reviews have been mixed, with some people claiming it's the miracle cure, and others saying the caffeine shampoo actually accelerated their hair loss. 

So the annoyingly unclear answer is, we haven't got enough conclusive evidence to know if this stuff actually makes a difference or not. It seems unlikely however that the small amount of caffeine that's added to the shampoo, along with the fact the solution only stays on the scalp for a short amount of time, is enough to do much work. 

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On That Note

Alpecin shampoo, on the whole, is unlikely to cause a huge amount of difference to your hair, and although some people might get some positive results, they won't experience a huge amount of re-growth.

There's currently no shampoo for bald heads that will give you long glossy locks, and although male pattern baldness can be hard to deal with at times, Alpecin reviewer, Gerard O'Doherty summed up his thoughts on growing bald perfectly,

Underneath every full head of hair is a funky baldass waiting to emerge, you're just ahead of the curve.


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