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If you're going to go to all the effort it takes to grow a beard, you might as well take some time to look after and style it as well. There's countless products on the market for beards and we're going to run you through the best available right now. 

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Beards are currently at the height of fashion, and if you've grown one you need to take the time to look after it. Beard oils, balms, moisturisers and conditioners all exist, which may seem a little over the top but they all have a designated purpose. With the beard care product market extremely saturated with options, it can be extremely hard to make the decision of which product is right for you.


Black Sabbath and Beard Street Style
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Beard Grooming Products

Beard Oil

Men's beard oil is an essential for your facial hair. It's a great product to use as it moisturises the facial hair itself, and the skin underneath which is often ignored and left to suffer. The best time to apply beard oil is immediately after washing your face, this way, your pores are already open and can absorb the healthy nutrients a lot easier. Gently massage the oil into your beard, or if your beard is longer use a comb.


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Beard Moisturiser

This type of product is essentially a more popular version of beard oil. It's a leave in type of conditioner that softens and moisturises your beard. A lot of these products contain shea butter, a natural ingredient that strengthens hair and encourages growth. We stock some of the best beard conditioners and beard styling products on the market.



Beard Tools

There's also lot's of tools out there for shaping, trimming and generally taking care of your beard. If you've got a full face of hair, it's unlikely you're going to be using a traditional razor and having a wet shave. You're more likely to be using an electric beard trimmer, just to sharpen up the edges and getting rid of any unwanted stray hairs.

Alongside your choice of razor, there's also plenty of shaving creams and gels on the market, all claiming to do different things. A lot of men with big beards also like to visit barber shops and have a cut throat shave to keep their beard in check, this is something that'd become extremely popular in recent years especially.

A lot of people ask the question "what is the best men's razor?", and the truth is, it's a very hard question to answer. With so many different types of beard and each man having a different type of hair, how can there be one razor that's the best for everyone? The answer is that it's up to you as a man to go out and select what's right for you. Of course there's the top of each category, but it's impossible to tell someone what the best razor is for them.



How To Look After Your Beard

We've already touched on what the best products for beard grooming are, but there's quite a rigorous routine when it comes to keeping your facial hair healthy. The most important factor is 100% keeping your beard moisturised. This includes your actual hair and the skin underneath. We recommend using beard oil, beard lotion and beard conditioner as well as your usual moisturiser.

Alongside this routine, keeping your beard neat and trimmed also helps it stay in good condition, as trimming it will get rid of dead hairs and any unwanted loose strands of hair. After each trimming session however, we recommend a good moisturising session also, as trimming can dry out the beard. We advise you select what's necessary for you from the vast array of beard tools available to buy at the moment, and once you've found something that works well, stick to what you know.


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Best Tips For Beard Care

  • Always keep your beard moisturised. This is vital.
  • Find the right products for you, everyone's hair is different and every product is different.
  • Select the right type of razor for your beard, if it's long look for a good electric trimmer.
  • After a shave or trimming session always moisturise.
  • Moisturising or applying product works best straight after a hot facial wash or shower, as the pores are open


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On That Note

If you're a man with a beard don't be that person who just leaves it to become a straggly mess. You're only leaving yourself looking scruffy and it's actually extremely unhealthy for your face. You should take pride in your appearance if you're a fashion conscious person, and your grooming shouldn't be any different.


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