5 Reasons Why Beeswax is Great for Your Skin

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Beeswax has been used for candles and other fragrances for a long time, but it's recently come to light that it can be used for cosmetic purposes in addition to this. As well as being a great natural skincare product, using beeswax is great for the environment.

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I'm sure you are all aware what beeswax is and where it comes from. In case you aren't, it's the natural wax formed by none other than the native honeybee. It's been used for an assortment of beeswax products in history, such as candles, paint, or a skin softener. In the present day, certain health benefits of beeswax have been brought to attention by scientists. It reportedly lowers cholesterol, relieves pain and can be a treatment for digestive problems.


beeswax products
Beeswax Products
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Beeswax Benefits for Skin

Recently, beeswax has been used in all sorts of cosmetic products including skincare gels, moisturisers and make-up. The list of beeswax uses for skin is an impressive roster. It's an unlikely product, and if you weren't educated on the matter you probably wouldn't have put the two together.

What Does Beeswax Do for the Skin?

The benefits of beeswax for the skin are amazing. First off, applying a little of the substance to your skin forms a natural protective barrier around it, protecting it from certain environmental nasties and locking in essential moisture. Beeswax also attracts moisture and allows your skin to absorb essential water molecules, keeping your skin fresh and hydrated. It's a great source of vitamin A, and not to mention it carries an amazing and sweet natural fragrance, which will be sure to keep you smelling great.


beeswax honeycomb soap
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How to Use Beeswax for Skin

So, now you're aware of how beneficial using beeswax could be for your skin, and you want to use it? Great, there are a few ways to go about this. First off, you can actually purchase pre-made beeswax cream for dry skin or some beeswax soap. These are probably the two most favourable options. The cream is easy, simply apply it as you would apply a moisturiser and you're good to go. With the soap, again, simply replace your usual body wash or soap for the specially infused beeswax alternative. Both will give you all the benefits you've read about, and leave you smelling sweeter than honey itself.


Beeswax and bees
PHOTO CREDIT: Edna Skin Care


5 Reasons Why Beeswax is Great for Your Skin

  • Beeswax is totally natural, and can't damage your skin in any way.
  • It's a great emollient for dry skin. It will soothe over any discomfort your skin may be experiencing.
  • The substance forms a protective barrier on and around the skin. It also locks in all of the skins' moisture.
  • Being a great source of Vitamin A, beeswax is vital for great skin.
  • Beeswax actually attracts water molecules and helps your skin get the essential moisture it needs.


Beeswax text soap bar
Beeswax Soap


On That Note

With such a plethora of great health benefits under its belt, beeswax is a great product for skin care. The added natural fragrance is a great bonus too, meaning there's no need for nasty chemicals to make you smell good. It's readily available to buy in health shops everywhere, coming in multiple different forms that are all straightforward to apply. Before trying it, please be aware that a small minority of people receive allergic reactions to beeswax. Like all health products, when trying for the first time, spot test it on a small surface area of skin on your forearm to prevent any incidents occurring.


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