4 Beard Problems and How to Solve Them

4 Beard Problems and How to Solve Them

Without a doubt, having facial hair is highly in fashion at the moment. However, having a beard can be full of problems and difficult to maintain - this puts a lot of people off. We're going to run through the most common beard-related problems, and the best way to solve them.

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Beard Problems

Having a beard can bring a multitude of problems. A lot of men complain about having a messy beard, a patchy beard, a "lego" beard, or not being able to grow a beard at all. These are all big issues but they can be easily solved, you just have to know how.

Patchy Beard Progress

Why won't my beard grow? One major issue with having a beard is if you can't grow one instead. Patchy beards are a common issue, with men getting a lot of facial hair in certain areas, and not a lot in others. Although we can't grow your beard for you, there are some simple steps you can follow which will drastically increase your chances. First off, we recommend exfoliating the skin where you're trying to grow the hair. This will stimulate the blood vessels in the skin, and keep your pores open - both of which encourage growth.

Other ideas that may sound obvious are simple health rules, for example, make sure you're getting enough sleep and eating well. Also, try oils such as coconut oil or alma oil, just don't go overboard with these as too much can do the opposite and stunt growth. We can't promise that your facial hair will grow fast, but we can provide some useful tips.


Styling A Beard
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Dry Skin Under Beard

Suffering from some dry skin under your beard can be an extremely irritating and even painful problem to have to deal with. It's quite a problem to suffer from and can drive some men to even just get rid of their beard, full stop. As it goes, this is quite an easy problem to resolve. For a start, we advise using a facial scrub twice a week only, not more regularly as this can cause further aggravation. This will help remove dead cells, skin flakes and ingrown hairs, which are all part of the problem. Without sounding too obvious, using a good, non-greasy moisturiser will also play a massive part in solving this problem.


Man with beard wearing fur coat street style
How To Grow A Beard
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Why Does My Beard Itch?

An itchy beard can also cause major discomfort and can be a put-off from even having a beard in the first place. This is probably the most common problem that men complain about. To begin with, a great idea is to condition your beard. You can simply use hair conditioner for this, you don't need to spend money on a specialist product. Again, moisturising always helps.

We would also recommend combing your beard regularly, as this will get rid of anything unwanted caught between your hairs and it will stop your beard from getting matted or tangled. Remember to keep your beard nicely trimmed too. A good electric beard trimmer will stop any excess hairs from causing issues.


George Clooney with beard in suit
George Clooney's Beard




My Beard is Ugly

You might just be downright unsure if you like your beard, so first, you need to ask the question - do I actually want a beard? If the answer turns out to be no, then you should probably think about shaving it off. If you want to keep your beard, you need to keep it in check on the regular with simple grooming techniques. First and foremost, you want to match your beard shape to your face shape. This sounds simple but a lot of men misjudge this and it can ruin the chances of your facial hair looking good.

Regularly trimming your beard how you want it will encourage your beard to grow in the way you want it, and save you from an ugly beard. Try and stick to the same style rather than regularly changing it, as this will affect your chances of keeping a nicely maintained beard. You'll never be short of beard ideas if you look after it properly.


Conor Mcgregor wearing LV with beard and shades
Conor Mcgregor's Beard
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Find The Right Grooming Product For You

The market for male grooming products is flooded at the moment, and with so many choices out there it can be hard to decide which products are right for you. On our store, you'll find plenty of beard conditioners, moisturisers and all-in-one beard grooming kits. If you're just starting out and growing your first beard, buying the most high-end and expensive product on the market might not be the best idea until you're fully dedicated to the beard life.

How To Solve Your Beard Problems

  • Make sure having a beard is right for you. It can be quite a big commitment to make if you're unsure you even want it.
  • Keep the skin underneath your beard in good condition, by moisturising and exfoliating regularly.
  • Condition your facial hair at least twice a week to stop the hair from getting damaged. You can use ordinary conditioner for this.
  • Stick to one style of beard, and your facial hair will grow this way naturally.
  • Find the right grooming products for you, different people have different skin, so find a product that suits yours the most.
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle; get enough sleep, make sure you're getting the recommended vitamins and eat well.


Man with beard and styled mustache
A Beard And A Suit


On That Note

If you've been struggling with your beard, this guide should be a great help to get your facial hair game back into check. With just a little bit of added work each week when you're spending time in front of the mirror, grooming yourself you can turn your average beard into a manly statement to be proud of.


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