11 Hollywood Celebs with Hair Loss

11 Hollywood Celebs with Hair Loss

Hair loss is an inevitable part of some people's lives, and we all thrive on seeing famous people suffer the same fate. Like tacky magazines that gleefully show off ex-pop stars rolls of fat, we're here to do the exact same but with men and their fading hairlines. So read on for our attempt to feel better about ourselves, as well as see some of the ways these celebrities have worked with their thinning hair. 

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Brendan Fraser's Hair Loss

Brendan Fraser's recent hair loss came as a shock to his fans, who were pretty used to his thick locks in The Mummy franchises and of course the legendary George of The Jungle movie. Despite the actor maintaining a full head of hair well into his thirties, as he moved into middle age the first signs of a balding crown began to show. 

Brendan Fraser's balding head probably wasn't just caused by male pattern baldness, and it's likely that there was a decent amount of traction alopecia caused by hair pieces he wore for various film roles. There's no reason that a bald Brendan Fraser wouldn't look any better or worse than a thick haired one, but for his own piece of mind, the actor decided to opt for hair plugs.

These are gradually improving in appearance and price over the years, but for now, they remain an option for those of us with a decent amount of money in the bank. While there are mixed opinions on how well the hair plugs are working for him, if it makes the guy feel good about himself that's all that matters. 

Brendan Fraser hair loss

Jack Nicholson & Hair Loss

Like many men before him, Jack Nicholson was young when his hairline began to recede, and by the time he was in his 20s there was already a noticeable change in his hair's texture and thickness. However, instead of crying into his pillow then grabbing the nearest razor to try to disguise his thinning hair, the actor decided to just roll with it.

The noticeable hairline eventually became sort of an unspoken trademark, accentuating his strong features and providing his characters with some added interest. Even Jack Nicholson's young roles had some added flair due to his high crown and of course his ever-expressive eyebrows. 


jack nicholson bald
PHOTO CREDIT: Jack Nicholson Bald


Sean Connery and Hair Loss

Sean Connery's hair began to thin and recede when he was just 17. While it's not unheard of for men to lose their hair at such a young age, it's understandable that the teenage Connery wanted to hide the loss for a while. This was how Sean Connery and his toupee first came to meet, and in each of his seven Bond movies, he never parted from it. 

In all honesty, while most toupees look embarrassingly fake, Connery's didn't look too bad, and this is mainly because he didn't go overboard with it. In his roles he opted for a minimal toupee which didn't attempt to disguise all of his hair loss, ensuring that it stayed looking natural and understated.

In his later years, Sean Connery embraced his balding crown and, we assume, burnt or threw out the faithful toupee. Seeing how a receding hairline really isn't anything to be ashamed of, it's probably for the best that the toupee is long gone. 

James Bond Sean Connery toupee

John Travolta and Hair Loss

He's best known for his iconic roles in Grease, Pulp Fiction, and the hilarity that was Face Off. However, John Travolta's acting soon took a back seat after an impromptu gym selfie with a slightly overwhelmed fan was released online.

The twitter-sphere went slightly mad, with comments ranging from 'John Travolta's actually bald?', 'John Travolta looks better without hair' and 'I hope he burnt that shoe polish toupee'. Generally, the overall consensus seemed to be that John Travolta looked a whole lot better bald and that his hair piece was never, ever a good idea. 

John Travolta wears a hair piece, we assume, to make himself feel more comfortable, and in the end if it makes him feel confident there's nothing wrong with that. However, when it comes to extreme hair loss and the widow's peak that Travolta has going on, it's usually better to just look back on your thick hair days fondly and embrace the balding style. 


john travolta bald john travolta balding
PHOTO CREDIT: John Travolta Balding


Bradley Cooper and Hair Loss

Men tend to notice a difference in the thickness of their hair by the time they reach their mid-thirties, and whether you're an office manager or a Hollywood celebrity, it's hard to fight against these changes. Bradley Cooper is best known for his roles in The Hangover, Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle, and you know, some others. He's pretty well known is what we're getting at. 

Because of this, people want to see photos of him doing pretty much everything, from walking to his car to having breakfast. When you're photographed this regularly and intensively it makes sense that people are going to notice small changes, and when Bradley Cooper hairline began to backtrack a little, it was easily picked up on. 

Bradley Cooper's long hair has stayed thick and healthy for pretty much the entirety of his career, and while it's beginning to thin a little, it's still in good shape. His hair loss appears to be a slow process, and Bradley Cooper's hairstyles, with their well-chosen lengths and cuts, help to accentuate what he has and work with any fading areas. 


Bradley Cooper haircut
Bradley Cooper Haircut


Matt Damon's Hair Loss

Best known for roles where he tends to sport short, cropped hair, Matt Damon's hair loss wasn't really something that gained a lot of attention from the media. It was only when he embraced his greying hair that his subtle receding hairline became a little more noticeable. While Matt Damon is by no means bald, his thinning sides creates a more mature hairline, which, when paired with his grey hair, gives him a more striking appearance.

While there's a little thinning on the crown, Matt Damon's hair is still fairly strong, and he can get away with a short buzz cut as well as a slightly longer style. The main thing that makes his thinning hair work, however, is that he's just embraced it. No bad hair plugs, no toupees, just some confidence and the ability to accept that hair loss happens.

Matt Damon bald

Mickey Rourke and Hair Loss

Mickey Rourke's hair loss has been something of a news story for a while now, with the actor going for a variety of different treatments to disguise his receding hairline and thinning locks. However, it seems like some of the steps he took could have actually done more harm to his hair, with his various weaves causing issues such as traction alopecia, where the hair is strained and weakened at the root.

With Mickey Rourke slowly balding and his long hair becoming less of an assured thing, he's gone to slightly drastic measures. Moving away from the weaves and the ponytails we introduce you to Mickey Rourke's wig - a piece that is almost brilliant in its strangeness. 

Clearly he likes it, clearly, he feels he needs it on, and although it's also clear that it's not, and has never been, real hair, if it makes him feel confident then there's no real harm in him wearing it. Unlike weaves, a wig isn't going to tug at Mickey Rourke's hair and cause balding, and despite it having a...strong look, it has at least got some personality to it. It's not an option for everyone, but for Mickey, it's kind of working. Sort of.

Mickey Rourke wig hair

Jason Alexander & Hair Loss

Not the most well-known actor on the list, but a big name back in the 90s when hit TV show Seinfeld was around. Jason Alexander's hair began to recede in his late 20s, and by the time he was 30, he'd accepted that his hair was probably gone for good. However, like many men with dramatic male pattern baldness, Alexander found it didn't really bother him. He didn't mind the look, he found the acting roles he got were more interesting, and his wife wasn't looking around for men with thicker manes.

However, he wasn't immune to the allure of hair pieces, and as his male pattern baldness intensified he decided to try out a semi-permanent toupee. This is a hair piece that can stay on for a good couple of weeks even if you're running about or showering, and although Jason Alexander's toupee became somewhat of a joke, it's clear the addition of some extra hair is something he enjoyed, despite his acceptance of his disappearing hairline.


jason alexander hair toupee


Kevin Spacey & Hair Loss

He's possibly one of the best actors of our time, saving even the worst movies from becoming total disasters with his incredible performances. Sadly, whether he's on stage or in front of the camera, no matter how hard he acts, Kevin can't escape from the constant public scrutiny of his hairline.

Now, Kevin spacey isn't bald but he's 'suffering' from the fairly common trait of male pattern baldness. He's got a fairly prominent widow's peak going on but doesn't have the more obvious thinning crown, meaning he only has to deal with an advanced hairline rather than having to try and hide balding patches.

Kevin Spacey's hair is thinning, however, and despite his acting chops, fan base, confidence and host of other positives, sometimes a guy just feels more confident with a hair piece. There's been speculation that Spacey invested in a natural, possibly highly expensive one, with people claiming his hair has increased in volume over the years. 

Whether this is true or not remains to be seen, but if he is trying out a toupee he's chosen a good toupee that's natural and isn't too generous, steering clear of the uncomfortably fake ones that are around. If you're thinking of going for a hair piece it's a good idea to keep this in mind, sticking to the 'less is more' idea to maintain as natural a look as possible.

Kevin spacey dog hairline

Daniel Craig & Hair Loss

He's best known for jumping out of planes, shooting people and sleeping with various women (then presumably forgetting their names afterwards), but even a philandering spy can suffer from male pattern baldness, and Daniel Craig is proof that you can lose your hairline and still look pretty good. While Daniel Craig looks kind of hilarious with long hair, he's managed to create a sleek look with his cropped, elegant hairstyles, and his thick hair has been a vital part of them.

Luckily, it's only really Daniel Craig's hairline that's thinning out, and the rest of his hair appears to be in good condition. One way Craig has kept his subtly receding hairline looking good is to keep his hair neat and short, drawing attention away from the gradual fading and maintaining a well-shaped frame. A little bit of pomade or wax can give some subtle volume without giving the hair a gelled up look and will provide a fuller finish.

receding hairline Daniel craig

Hugh Laurie and Hair Loss

Hugh Laurie has played a doctor, a criminal mastermind and the iconic Dr. Cockroach Ph.D in Shrek's Thrilling Tales (what do you mean you've never heard of that?). He's a British actor whose gained the hearts of fans all over the world due to his charismatic charm, acting skill and charitable pursuits. He's also balding, but if you've read this far into the article you probably guessed that already.

So, Hugh Laurie balding is focused around the crown, which is basically impossible to cover up, with comb-overs just accentuating the hair loss. While he's got a decent amount of hair on the sides of his head, this doesn't really help matters and can't disguise the bald middle section. If you've got the same hair as Hugh, then it's not a bad idea to trim your hair a little shorter to create less of a contrast between your thinning crown and the rest of your hair. 

Saying that Hugh Laurie's hair loss doesn't seem to bother him, and it's certainly done nothing to affect his career. They're many men out there who would have rushed out to get hair plugs at even a slightly thinning crown, but if you're confident in your appearance and you don't see any issue with thinning hair, then there's really no reason for any drastic changes. However if you really want a hair transplant surgery it's best to consult an expert.

Hugh Laurie hair loss


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