Collective 029 | Sigala

Collective 029 | Sigala

Welcome back to the twenty-ninth feature from the Collective Series by The Idle Man. Where we meet up with interesting men who either work in the creative industry, or we just admire the work they do. Written in the words of our Editor Georgia Jackson, read the full feature below as we believe it's more about what we do, rather than what we wear.

Meet Bruce Fielder, you’ll probably know him better as Sigala, the British born DJ and producer who’s currently topping the UK singles chart. Adding to his top seven UK singles, Sigala teamed up with Ella Henderson to work on the collaboration, ‘We Got Love’. The single was released on the 1st November and  coincides with the announcement of the first part of a world tour for 2020, with UK and European dates announced already.

Sigala broke onto the scene back in 2015 with his debut single ‘Easy Love’ which reached number one. With this great start to his musical career, the DJ went onto create anthems such ‘Lullaby’, ‘We Don’t Care’, ‘Just Got Paid’ and ‘Wish You Well’. In total Sigala has racked up an impressive two billion streams online in the past four years.

The Summer of 2019 saw Sigala play a host of festivals up and down the country, sharing his love and passion for music with his ever-growing fan base. Entertaining crowds at Radio 1’s Big Weekend, SW14 Festival and Sziget Festival, he has had a smashing Summer in the lead-up to announcing the first part of his world tour. Sigala will play Glasgow, Dublin, Manchester, London, Munich, Milan, Vienna and Budapest alongside 11 other destinations – a list that should enable you to bag a ticket in a city near you! If he’s not in your city this time around, you can raise your concerns with him personally! Swing by the ‘World Map’ section on his website and drop a pin on your location, or anywhere in the world, to indicate where you would like Sigala to play on the next leg of his world tour.

So before he takes his life on the road, The Idle Man is sitting down with the chart-topping DJ to hear more about what it means to be in the music industry.


1. Where in the UK did you grow up?
Norfolk - there was not a huge music scene! But it gave me time to hone my skills, and that led to my move to London.

2. Did you spend a lot of your time creating and writing music whilst growing up?
All my time! I spent most of my teen years in a terrible band performing in local pubs and recording songs from my bedroom.

3. Who have always been your biggest influencers?
Queen – when I was growing up my parents were huge fans so, naturally, I got into their music and was really inspired by their musicality and songwriting. Then I discovered drum and bass and electronic music – The Prodigy, Pendulum, Sub Focus and the likes of and that’s what got me into making dance music. 

4. What is it like collaborating with different artists?
It is amazing and a privilege to work with such a variety of creative minds.  

5. How did you find it working with Ella Henderson, did you both share the same creativity for the track?
I had already been working on the track for some time before Ella got involved but her input was really crucial to the final version. It was a lot of fun to work with her.

6. What’s the inspiration behind ‘We Got Love’?
I loved this track from day one – the positive vibes inspired me.

7. You’ve were nominated for a Brit Award, how does if feel to be recognised for your talent?
Amazing! I have always wanted to go to the Brits so it was amazing just to be there, let alone be nominated.

8. What’s the feeling like after you’ve spent so long creating a track and then hearing it finished for the first time?
It never grows old hearing a new track on the radio for the first time – I still get the same feeling now that I got when I first heard ‘Easy Love’ on the radio.

9. How would you describe your sense of style?
My style is always evolving, but I like to think that there is a uniqueness throughout my tracks that is special to me. 

10. You’ve had a big summer playing at festivals all over the UK, what do you enjoy the most about festivals?
My favourite thing about festivals is undoubtedly the crowds – it is always an amazing vibe. 

11. You’re getting ready for your next tour, is there anything you’ll miss whilst on the road?
My bed! And my studio. 

12. You’re hitting the states in the second leg of your tour, is there anywhere you’re particularly looking forward to going? 
Las Vegas! My favourite place to lose money. 

13. What song can you not stop listening to right now?
My next single haha!

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