Collective 019: Casey Lowry

Collective 019: Casey Lowry

Welcome back to the nineteenth feature from the Collective Series by The Idle Man. Where we meet up with interesting men who either work in the creative industry, or we just admire the work they do. Styled in our most recent collections, drops, and written in the words of our Editor Georgia Jackson, read the full feature below as we believe it's more about what we do, rather than what we wear. To shop the products Casey Lowry is wearing simply click the images.

Meet the Derbyshire born singer/songwriter Casey Lowry. Now based in London, Lowry started to make a name for himself last year with the release of his singles ‘Trampoline’ and ‘Me & ‘You’ and his following EP ‘Beach Blue’. Growing up with music in his life, Lowry always knew that someday he wanted to pursue a musical career but it wasn’t until he went to see one of his favourite bands which finally gave him a kick towards starting something for himself.

Whilst growing up his first introduction to music was listening to his parents' collection of Motown and being forced to learn to play the clarinet (which he later rebelled against by picking up a guitar). Throughout his teen years, Lowry started to explore more genres of music but always came back hearing the latest releases on Kerrang! radio. However, it wasn’t until he went to watch TDCC perform their album ‘Tourist History’ which made him realise that music was truly where his heart derives.

Starting out he and a few friends began a cover band performing crowd pleasers such as ‘Waterfall’ and ‘Mr Brightside’. After a short while, Lowry grew tiresome of singing other peoples songs and decided to draw in on his inner creative side and started writing his own songs.

Making a huge leap from his hometown he moved to London in pursuit of giving his music a chance.  Since moving he has been giving great opportunities to perform amongst the legendary London music scene and managed to release his own songs. In 2017 the ambitious singer released ‘Trampoline’ which was a smooth summer hit, and in turn, drawn more eyes his way with over 530,000 listens on Spotify and today remains his biggest hit. Not stopping there he knew that 2018 was going to his make or break year and what a year it was for him with the drop of ‘Me & You’, his next big summer hit with the music video created in Majorca.

Without a doubt you should keep your eyes on Casey Lowry, destined for great things his name will soon be hitting festivals all around. Although before his schedule fills up too much, The Idle Man is sitting down to find out what his current plans are for 2019. Your parents brought you up listening to Motown, do you feel this has had a significant impact on your musical style today?

Not even a little bit, I could never be as cool as Marvin.

Who are your musical influences? 

I’m a bit obsessed with Don Broco, I can’t stop watching them live, I grew up listening to Two Door Cinema Club, Coast and Little Comets so they definitely impacted too.

Where is your dream place to perform? 

Brixton Academy. This has to happen.

What outside of your music inspires your musical style?

Travel is a huge thing for me, I want to see everything before I die and I want stories to tell the grandkids. I think that’s where half of my story ideas for songs come from.

How would you describe your onstage style? 

It’s very mood dependent, but always experimental and out there. I’m never opposed to floral.

How do you like to spend your quiet days? 

Get Netflix on, binge a full series and order 3 takeaways in one day. 

Can you tell us about your upcoming releases and plans? 

I have so many songs about to drop, I’ve felt like I’ve really found my ‘sound’ now and I’ve gone on a writing spree. There’s this extra special track called ‘Boyfriend’ that I want to get out really soon. Other than that it’s just touring and festivals!

What's your favourite memory of being on the road?

Every memory I can think of is way too explicit so I’ll keep them safe for when I’m old and I can sell a book about it.

How did it feel when you put your EP together?  Also, tell us more about your new single 'You Told Me You Loved Me'

It felt like a long time coming, I’d been holding it back for so long. YTMYLM is about a guy who’s really suffering after a break-up and sees his ex with someone else…full heartstring tugging stuff.

You can keep up to date with Lowry by following him on his Instagram account @caseylowrymusic and you can check out his latest music video 'You Told Me You Loved Me' below. The video offers a unique take on being absent from the moment and watching life go by without any control.

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