Collective 016: L!BAAN & Lorenzorsv from NiNE8

Collective 016: L!BAAN & Lorenzorsv from NiNE8

Welcome back to the sixteenth feature from the Collective Series by The Idle Man. Where we meet up with interesting men who either work in the creative industry, or we just admire the work they do. Styled in our most recent collections, drops, and written in the words of our Editor Georgia Jackson, read the full feature below as we believe it's more about what we do, rather than what we wear. Click the images to shop the products they're wearing.

Meet L!BAAN and Lorenzorsv, the London based performers working with the creative collective NiNE8. With a major focus on creating music, the group of young musicians, rappers, artists and like-minded creatives collaborate together across many platforms. The idea behind the collective group is to create, perform and promote underground UK talent. NiNE8 is comprised of a young group of people who began as just friends before putting their heads together to create a platform for themselves and others.  

NiNE8 call themselves ‘young DIY artists’ working in a community trying to collaborate with each other on their unique projects and promote them in any way they can. The creative group isn’t just centred around music, but they also design and create their own clothing. Working together they help to share each other’s talent which started out as “hand-crafting, swapping and re-vamping clothes between each other” as they described on the NiNE8 website. After seeing a market for their designs they give their designs to their performers and collaborators before being made available exclusively on Depop 

L!BAAN aged 22, was first scouted by NiNE8 whilst hanging around the North-side area performing his songs in a positive lyrical style. Since being part of the NiNE8 community he has featured on the mixtape produced by NiNE8 and has also created beats for others such as Nayana IZ, Lorenzo, Lava La Rue and more who are involved with NiNE8. Growing up L!BAAN was influenced by the sounds of Marvin Gaye, he has taken the elements of those funk and soul songs and has flipped them into more chaotic, alternative sounds. Showcasing his talent in his song, ALL4U, you can gather the sense ‘down to earth’ style. 

The still growing Lorenzorsv is an 18-year-old London speciality. Finding himself struggling to identify with the British music scene he looked to America for his musical inspiration. Listening to a lot of American hip-hop is evident in his rapping style however since growing up he now embraces the “grittiness of the city” as he calls it. One of his releases ‘Hurt’ mixes both of these worlds together. Something which he does often with is music, you could say he has created a special genre of American style, London colloquial and inner-city vibe to his creations. 

With plenty more to come in 2019 from them both, The Idle Man has popped in to speak with L!BAAN and Lorenzorsv to discuss these exciting new endeavours and what their plans are for the future. 

What kind of things were you all up to individually before making performing your full-time career? 

L!BAAN: To be honest, I’ve been doing music this whole time and always knew that I’d want to be performing for my career. I guess I was in school before I decided to make performing my full-time career. 

Were you both very creative growing up? 

L!BAAN: I was never into music nor did I indulge in any of the creative arts growing up. I found my appreciation and my love for all of it quite late compared to other people.

Lorenzorsv: Education took up most of my time day to day however in between I was casually making music and meeting up with different artists or producers to collaborate with however it was all for fun at the time.

What other kinds of music are you interested in? 

L!BAAN: Honestly, all types! Mainly genres such as jazz-funk and RnB but you can find great music in most genres.

Lorenzorsv: Growing up I would say I’ve always been creative. I used to make things out of old items when I was little and I’d always be sitting down drawing random stuff on an everyday basis as that was the thing for kids to do back then.

How would you describe your fashion sense? 

L!BAAN: Inner city London boy who skates; very reflective of who/what I am.

Lorenzorsv: R&B took up most of my childhood and still remains a big part of my life, however American hip-hop and Old UK grime alongside new UK Drill is what i tend to listen to mostly.

If you could describe your own personal style in three words, what would they be? 

L!BAAN: I’m only me.

Lorenzorsv: My fashion sense is very Niche, I tend to mix high-end with street-wear but to the point that it doesn’t seem forced.

Who would be your dream collaborations? 

L!BAAN: Too many to list and the variety is huge: people like Madlib and Dr Dre are the first people that spring to mind but in terms of right now regarding the UK scene, I’m really liking what J.B2 (Mr Affiliate) & Unknown T are doing.

Lorenzorsv: Refined, lean and relevant.

What’s it like being part of NiNE8 and collaborating with those involved with the creative family? 

L!BAAN: It’s really refreshing working with really talented people who all have different workflows/methods of creating good music, which provides a different perspective, so I’m always learning something new.

Lorenzorsv: Mine as weird as it sounds would be to do a track with Travis Scott Produced by Mike Skinner.

Where would you like to be in five years’ time?  

L!BAAN: By that point, I would want my family to be in a better place as well as continuing to make good music.

Lorenzorsv: To be honest for me it just feels like sitting at home with your family members however they’re all doing their own stuff around the house. We all have our own stuff going on but when we do link up we always get some amazing work done without anything or anyone feeling pressured.

Where is somewhere you’d love to go and perform? 

L!BAAN: For some reason, London Field Day. 

Lorenzorsv:  In terms of 5 years time I would like to have established myself and also have the opportunity to perform in places like Japan and other cities around the world where fashion and music mean the same in terms of importance yet culturally different.

Who inspires you to continue down your musical paths? 

L!BAAN: All of my creative friends that continue to work hard at their craft.

Lorenzorsv: I would say my sister and mentor Lava La Rue as she’s always just showed that you don't have to start with an empire in order to make one but can work with what you have and that’s always stuck with me.

Do you have any new releases coming this year? 

L!BAAN: Planning to release a visual for a song off my last release, drop a couple of singles, collaborations with the NiNE8 members as well people outside the collective and potentially a project towards the end of the year.

Lorenzorsv: In terms of new releases I have my debut single called “Vibes” which features Lava La Rue & Virgil Hawkins, accompanied by a lovely visual to go alongside it so that should be good.

 Photography by Cal McIntyre.

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