Nima Elm

Meet Nima Elm, a professional freelance medium format photographer based in London. Elm has been working for many years trying to showcase his own work on Instagram amongst many other platforms and publications. In his professional career, Elm has worked on a variety of different projects including, look books, e-com and global campaigns. Elm’s personal collection exposes his soft and alluring images of which he has shot in different styles and themes, from a vibrant ‘One Day In Britain's Dollywood’ in Vice, to his more subtle portrait work shown in ‘These Days' in Metal Magazine.

Ian Bergin

Meet Ian Bergin, the man behind the designs of menswear at Barbour, as Director of Menswear & Accessories Ian envisions his own creations for the two season releases which Barbour has each year. After drawing out his designs, he then watches his ideas come to life making their way to our wardrobes. Ian has been involved with Barbour for nine years, designing and creating each seasons clothing for menswear, boyswear, footwear and accessories. Ian has been in the fashion business for the majority of his career, sharing one of his career highlights was working on the designs for Paul Smith as a brand director.

Sid Quirk

Meet Sid Quirk, a Manchester-based producer, DJ, classically trained musician and Agency Executive for Ad Hoc Records. Spreading himself across so many platforms, Quirk has quickly made a name for himself amongst the Mancunian music scene. Jumping in the deep end, the creative music producer is also the interviewer for the familiar Cluny MCR, who we have previously met the founders of in a previous collective. Being an all-around creative, Quirk has gained support from many different outlets such as Banoffee Pies and Manchester With Love.

The Insider

Our way of showing you the real Idle, behind the scenes of projects and an insight into the people who make Idle. There is good work that goes undocumented. We start our first feature with Rob, the lead buyer of The Idle Man.

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The Manual

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            Preparing For Spring Days

            Preparing For Spring Days

            With spring coming slowly and steadily around the corner, we will soon be able to stop obsessively checking our weather apps in an attempt to wish ...

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