Travel Bags

Men’s Travel Bags

Travel in style this season with a practical men’s travel bag. As much as everyone loves travelling, it can sometimes be tricky finding the right piece of luggage to take. A medium sized travel bag from Eastpak, C6 or Herschel is an excellent place to start when packing for your weekend away.

Eastpak began by making high quality duffel bags and packs for the military. The durable and long lasting design of their bags meant they quickly made a name for themselves. It wasn’t until the 70s that Eastpak reached a commercial market. As well as their extensive collection of colourful backpacks, they also provide a great range of men’s travel bags.

Get a men’s travel bag in a simple colour like black and wear it with some comfortable clothes such as joggers, a T-shirt and a hoodie. The monochrome colour ensures that you can carry you luggage with any outfit.

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