Super Skinny Jeans

Men’s Super Skinny Jeans

Keep things streamlined this season with a pair of men’s super skinny jeans. Depending on the style you’re going for men’s super skinny jeans are a great way to compliment the different aspects of your outfit. However, make sure that you can actually fit into them. Check out brands like Only & Sons and The Idle Man for a great collection of super skinny jeans.

Although jeans have existed since the 1800s, it wasn’t until the 60s that skinny jeans became popular. When bands like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones started wearing skinny jeans they quickly became an iconic fashion statement. Today, men’s super skinny jeans are a staple of men’s casual fashion.

Try wearing some men's super skinny jeans with a baggy sweatshirt or denim jacket. The contrast between the slim jeans and baggy top creates a stylish balance within your outfit.

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