Suede Shoes

Men’s Suede Shoes

Despite being less common than leather, suede is one of the most popular shoe fabrics around. A good pair of men’s suede shoes can be an extremely stylish addition to any outfit. Whether you’re going for a smart casual pair of desert boots or want some sleek chelsea boots, there’s something for everyone. Classic brands like Clarks and Grenson are experts at producing suede shoe designs.

Suede is a unique form of leather and is characterised by a napped finish. It is made using the underside of the leather, as apposed to the thicker top side that most shoes are made from. Although men’s suede shoes are extremely stylish, be sure to care for them properly with a suede brush and some Crep Protect.

Team a pair of suede desert boots with some classic blue jeans and a crisp Oxford shirt for a smart casual look that’s perfect for any situation.

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