About TOMS

TOMS is an American company that creates the most relaxed of footwear, ideal for trips on holiday or down to the beach. TOMS designs and produces shoes based on the Argentine alpargata design – hence the Argentinian flag logo – otherwise known as the espadrille. While the espadrille is not the most sophisticatedly designed shoe the world has ever seen, TOMS have not compromised on their quality to produce comfortable and lightweight footwear. A major part of TOMS operations is a scheme they have initiated, putting their ethics and goals first. They’ve even put their profit into perspective by donating a new pair of shoes to children in poverty stricken countries.


History of TOMS

Based in Playa Del Rey, California, TOMS was founded in 2006 by Blake Mycoskie. TOMS came about after Mycoskie’s return from Argentina in 2006. While working voluntarily in the South American country, he was taken back by the hardships of people in the remote areas of Buenos Aries, witnessing children growing up without even shoes. Obviously having a profound effect on Mycoskie, he decided to make TOMS, outlining a goal to provide a pair of shoes for a child in a poor country per pair of shoes TOMS sells. The one for one campaign is a major factor behind the company’s success, promoting a win/win emotion to their consumer of helping children and buying great espadrilles.


Products from TOMS

TOMS footwear is a simple choice of footwear but ultimately a great one. If you’re looking for a substitute for plimsolls then the Alpargatas are as good an option as any. With light, breathable linen uppers and a rope sole, these shoes are perfect to break out when the sun’s about. These Alpargatas have a moulded footbed for increased cushioning for those long touristy walks. True to size, these are a great addition to a holiday suitcase.

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