About Timex

With over 160 years watchmaking experience, Timex is a one of a kind brand, and the true experts in classic timepieces. Their quality watches range from digital retro designs, to traditional analogue styles that give off a timeless feel. With their designs taking often unaffordable styles and remaking them for the everyday men and women of the world, Timex bridged the gap between fashion and money, and ensured that everyone who wanted a high quality watch could afford one. Their fans have included everyone from Mark Twain to A-list celebrities, but their affordability and range of styles remains consistent, despite their popularity.


History of Timex

Beginning in 1854, Timex started out producing the Waterbury Clock and watch, aiming to market luxury European designs at a price everyday folks could afford. The idea paid off, and Timex began its journey as a quality retailer with a passion for evolution in craftsmanship. With the rapidly changing times the brand focused their designs on more convenient methods, and by 1914 they had perfected their version of the wristwatch, taking place of the sometimes cumbersome pocket watch. This helped set the stage for a range of new products and styles, including the first ever Mickey Mouse watch, which was sold to over 2 million happy kids around America. Their classic quality remained unwavering over the years, and by the 1980s Timex had sold over 50,0000 watches, and produced the first ever sports watch. They’re now a timeless brand that is known for it’s sturdy, yet elegant pieces that are worn and loved all over the world.


Products from Timex 

With so many designs on offer choosing the right watch can be daunting, so if you’re looking for a watch that’s going to last you for years, no matter how much your style changes, go for a versatile watch like a classic original round watch with a black watch strap, or a bolder, yet just as iconic gold or silver digital piece, that benefits from a handy backlight and comfortable, water resistant finish. Whether you’re at the office, out camping, or just going about your everyday life, there’s a Timex watch for you, and with their unbeatable quality and classic designs, they’ll be something you can hang on to for years to come.

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