The Hundreds

About The Hundreds

The Hundreds has made a name for itself as one of world’s best premium street wear brands. The brand has evidently drawn inspirations from California, creating sweatshirts, t-shirts and jackets with the style that can only be found on the west coast, as well as prominent sub-cultures, arts and eras from hip-hop to skateboarding to the 1980’s. They pride themselves on their personal approach and their focus on consumers rather than product trends. The Hundreds have increased their brand beyond just apparel, accessories and headwear by producing a footwear collection and eyewear line as well as their own printed magazine. All this has contributed to their global reach of being sold worldwide and having four flagship stores in the United States.


History of The Hundreds

Founded in Los Angeles by Californian Republic natives Bobby Kim and Ben Shenassafar, The Hundreds took off from the get go with their printed tops and apparel. Launched in 2003, it didn’t take long for the brand to expand into retail, opening their first flagship store in Los Angeles in 2007. The Hundreds’ Rosewood collection was created to celebrate this, named after Rosewood Ave where the store is located. Since then they have opened a further store in New York and two more in their home state located in San Francisco and Santa Monica.


Products from The Hundreds

The Hundreds’ Spring 2016 collection focused on a despondent era of American history during the mid-20th century, creating a range that reflected the American lifestyle after the Vietnam War. Considered to be Americana due to the connotations behind the clothing, the style of day-to-day clothing was a concept that applies to people today. Their Dune Long Sleeve shirt and Hower Long Sleeve denim shirt are great reflections of this. In general, The Hundreds have a great collection of graphic t-shirts, from the ‘Brand Core’ designs to the ‘Bobby’z’ collection.



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