About Spiewak

Spiewak is an American outerwear manufacturer, focussing on the production of function-purpose coats and apparel. The consumer aspect of the company is not the largest fraction of the business, predominantly producing for companies and institutions with their clients – to name a few – being American Airlines, the US Postal System and the NYPD. Spiewak have provided a functionality to their products for professional organisations that sets them apart from their competitors, but it’s the creativity combined with functionality that makes them a premium brand to their typical consumer. Heavy-duty Spiewak jackets made for warmth with military aesthetics are their speciality, producing peacoats, bomber jackets and parkas with in neutral colours.


History of Spiewak

Throughout their history, Spiewak have always been a well-established company regarding practical clothing whether being within the public or private sector, military or sport. Founded in 1904 in New York by Polish immigrant Issac Spiewak, his handcrafted sheepskin vests for dockworkers became the foundation upon the company earning its reputation. As the 20th century went on, wars began to take place overseas and far away with uniform necessities being placed on independent specialist contractors. Spiewak is example of this, producing wool coats, flight jackets and other specialist clothing for the branches of the military. The post war ideologies of America helped transition Spiewak from outfitters of uniform attire to a consumer market. Peacoats and parkas became established in the contemporary market enabling the company to open to wider consumption.


Products from Spiewak

The jackets they produce are of the highest quality, perfect for cold weather thrill seekers, or the locals living where the winter high is only a chilly 14˚ Celsius. A popular jacket from their range is their N3-B Classic Parka, created with almost every conceivable scenario for wearing it taken into account. From waterproof Teflon fabric to multiple pouch pockets on the inside lining, the parka is designed to be an excellently practical jacket when braving against the elements. Not only renowned for high quality fabrics and technology, responsible agricultural practices like using recycled duck down is another factor in their popularity.

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