About Pointer

Pointer have a collection of smoothly designed and fresh looking footwear for all occasions. With everything from plimsolls to trainers, Pointer provide great casual shoes created from a variety of materials to match with your outfits. They have gone into great detail with the materials they use for their footwear, using pig and cow leather combined with nubuck, suede, felt and fleece, making the textures of each of their shoes unique. The ethos of Pointer reaches right through the company, focusing on diversity and using life’s lessons for inspiration. This also applies to the people who create the footwear – like-minded people, effectively being one brain.


History of Pointer

Established in 2004, in London, Pointer was created with the aim of making simple and well-designed casual shoes, as an alternative to technical trainers and various limited edition sneakers. Pointer’s reputation stemmed from the attention to detail they gave, and still give, to all of their footwear. The detailed nature of deciding which materials work well is risky business, however Pointer gets those choices correct more often than not, paying testament to their meticulousness.


Products from Pointer

Pointer experiment with the classics, mixing materials, patterns and geometric shapes to create their own visions and the kind of footwear they'd want to wear themselves. As previously stated, Pointer mix up their use of textiles to create their footwear, keeping the same silhouettes, but changing up a few things. A prime example of this is their ‘Connor’ trainer; keeping the same silhouette of Pointer’s first running shoe, one of their versions is all nubuck leather while the other version has a combination of nubuck leather and mesh. This is significant because it shows they’ve researched the market recognising the best running trainers consists of leather and/or breathable mesh, outlining their actual attention to detail.


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