About OurCaste

If there’s a brand that illustrated an element of the West Coast style, OurCaste would certainly be the one you’d acknowledge. The Californian Republic is a place where sun, sea and palm trees are a part of everyday life and OurCaste very much characterises this with a host of Cali styled clothing. Priding themselves on always being faithful to their true passions, surfing, skateboarding and motorcycles, OurCaste demonstrate their love for these things through their product. OurCaste isn’t just exclusive to the West Coast though – spiritually or physically – it’s the notion of the West Coast that they look to bring to life and inspire through their clothing. Whether you’re in Pattaya, Sydney or Weymouth, OurCaste is perfect for a day on the beach, chilling in the sun and soaking up the waves.


History of OurCaste 

Coming from Newport, California OurCaste know all about what it is to be immersed in the beach life. While their products stem from that particular known, nostalgia plays a major factor in the production of their products. As a new brand they are still finding their way into the international market at a high level but their niche is one that when discovered can appeal to all holiday makers and travellers.


About OurCaste

Taking on the laid back hot weather style, OurCaste have produced things that look typically relevant to it. Nothing to deliberately summery, their style of t-shirts and vest are a great option for a chilled and laid back afternoon by the sea. OurCaste’s Rod boards are a great option for a dip in the sea, whether you’re surfing or swimming. Not your standard style of shorts, OurCaste’s Rod Board shorts have removed the button closure and zip fly to produce a surfer’s style of shorts with a velcro fly and drawstring closure with a longer leg style.


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