Native Shoes

About Native Shoes 

Canadian brand Native Shoes is making strides in the footwear industry with their comfortable, slim fit designs made from the latest in shoe manufacturing. Their injection-molded, lightweight designs merge style with practicality, and their unique look takes aspects of boat shoes and plimsolls to create shoes that are one of a kind. With their breakthrough technology and stand out creations, Native Shoes have shot into men’s fashion and created a branch of footwear that’s perfect for the everyday man. 


History of Native Shoes

Beginning in 2009 Native Shoes shot to global success with its use of EVA, a material that mimics the soft, flexibility of rubber with the added benefits of being waterproof and stress-crack resistant. With the impressive material at their fingertips they began to create footwear that effortlessly mixed style and comfort together, taking traditional designs such as boat shoes and chukka boots and putting their own creative spin on them.  


Products from Native Shoes 

With the disdain for Crocs growing ever stronger with each passing year, rubber shoes are a bit of a sore spot in the fashion world. However there’s no reason that the comfortable rubber-like shoes that Native have created should fall into the same hated category, and their trademark classic designs with a unique comfort based twist have helped propel them into the spotlight. If you’re looking for a versatile shoe to go with a range of casual outfit, try out the Jefferson plimsolls. Their rubber casing with holes to help with breathability help create a stylish slim lined look that’s ideal for a variety of styles. You can also go for a more futuristic look with their choice of trainers, which take on a streamlined minimalistic look and are shock absorbent to ensure maximum comfort. Any style you choose from Native Shoes will have their trademark bold appearance and will help add a unique boost to any outfit.  

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