Lyle & Scott

About Lyle & Scott

With their iconic gold eagle logo and rich historical background, Lyle & Scott are a clothing brand that’s grown through their long reign, both following and influencing trends, and helping to break menswear away from its sometimes rigid constraints. The brands attachment to slim silhouettes, unique colours and sport style practicality has gained them celebrity fans, the acclaim of sports professionals, and even a Royal Warrant from The Duke of Edinburgh. With their collection of clothing branching out to jackets, T-shirts and their iconic polo shirts, Lyle & Scott are one of the most respected brands in classic menswear, and it’s not hard to see why. 


History of Lyle & Scott

Beginning in 1874 as a knitwear company in Hawick founders William Lyle and Walter Scott actually began their business as an underwear manufacturer, and it was in 1926 that they decided to branch out into fashion, producing knitted outerwear and drastically increasing the success of their business. From the 1950s to the 60s, Lyle & Scott success failed to waver, and they collaborated with some of the best names in high fashion, including Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent, while gaining popularity from their own collection due to their slim shapes and high quality. They soon became associated not only with sophisticated fashion but with their stylish sports wear when they began their highly acclaimed golf collection, giving a new lease of life to the humble polo shirt. Over the years Lyle & Scott has evolved, but their quality and iconic pieces have remained constant, maintaining their position as a staple brand in menswear


Products from Lyle & Scott

If you’re going to get a polo shirt from anywhere, get it from Lyle & Scott. With their history of golf wear and their experience in mens knitwear, they’ve got polo shirts down to a t. Lyle & Scott offer their iconic polo shirts in the conventional short sleeved designs, yet with the trademark gold eagle and range of pastel colours adding a touch of interest. They also produce less traditional long sleeved polo shirts, and this is a small example of how despite their classic shapes and styles, Lyle & Scott are still able to add some modern style to their clothing with bold colours and subtle elevations in designs. 

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