Happy Socks

About Happy Socks

It’s the traditional unwanted christmas present, but if you get socks right there’s no reason they have to be a bad gift. Taking inspiration from all corners of the world and a range of artists, Happy Socks creates quality socks that you’d be happy to receive. Made from cotton, and a small amount of elastane to ensure the perfect amount of stretch, Happy Socks are sturdy, as well as incredibly comfortable and soft. With bright prints, bold colours and collaborations galore, Happy Socks is the place to express yourself with the humble, and sometimes neglected, sock


History of Happy Socks

Despite their surge of success, and the fact that they’re sold in over 70 countries around the world, Happy Socks is a relatively new company. Set up in 2008 by two friends, the name Happy Socks came about from the founders desire to turn a normal piece of clothing into something bright, fun and brimming with creativity. Their popularity grew rapidly, and over the years they’ve collaborated with a huge range of brands and iconic figures, including Adidas, Snoop Dog, Wood Wood and even MineCraft. Today they’re an affordable way to add a little interest to your outfit, and are bought and enjoyed all over the world. 


Products from Happy Socks 

There’s a few styles you can go for when purchasing socks from Happy Socks, and if you’re a fan of the drastic you can easily pick a vibrant pair in a busy pattern. Pink, turquoise and orange are all colours that will give your outfit a boost, as well as add a pop of colour to a plain suit. You can also go for a cleaner, minimalistic look in a neutral colour for a subtle, less intense look that’s never the less going to add some interest to your look. For a pair of socks that’s a step away from your standard wear, and would actually make a pretty great gift, give Happy Socks a go. 

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