About Gloverall

Gloverall have cemented their place in British fashion folklore by providing one of the world’s most iconic type of coat. Gloverall are the pioneers of the popular winter outerwear coat, the duffle coat. The coat isn’t all they produce but it’s certainly their most iconic product, producing one of Britain’s well-worn styles of coat. A key aspect to Gloverall that has contributed to their success and longevity is the marketability of their brand to people of all ages. Hugely popular with children due to the duffle jacket’s association to Paddington Bear and the assortment of colours of the coat, it’s functionality as a warm and hooded coat makes it a perfect choice for youngsters. For adults, it’s a go-to choice as a stylish piece that works great with tailoring and is an equally adept choice for a casual setting.


History of Gloverall

While Gloverall has become synonymous with the word duffle, the word originated well before Gloverall’s inception in 1954. Duffle derives from the name of the thick and heavy woollen material originally manufactured in the Belgium town of Duffel. Duffle coats were a thing before Gloverall as they were created and modified by the British Navy to protect their officers from the elements while at sea. Established after World War II, gloves and overall wholesalers H&F Morris took the surplus of military duffle jackets and sold them under their new name, Gloverall. From this point the duffle coat was quintessentially renowned as a mens British coat and over the next few decades Gloverall was available in new markets across North America, Australasia, Asia, Africa as well as the rest of Europe. By the 1990s Gloverall was acknowledged as pound-for-pound one of Britain’s successful exports and was awarded the Queens Award for export. This enabled Gloverall to increase an already prestigious portfolio by creating wax and heavy cotton jackets among others.


Products from Gloverall

Gloverall’s core jacket is the ‘Monty’ duffle, belonging to Gloverall’s classic collection range. While this jacket is exceptionally full-on in length and weight, Gloverall have produced a couple of variations to this coat to cater to preferences. As well as the classic original, the mid-length monty coat is a preferable choice for a casual day. The feature that makes the Monty duffle coat standout from the other duffle coats is the toggle fastenings align slightly to the right opposed to symmetrically down the centre. Obscure feature to some, it’s a feature that doesn’t go unrecognised by enthusiasts of mens duffle coats. Not to suggest Gloverall’s other coats are inferior if they are not the Monty style, the attention to detail with all their jackets are the reason to why Gloverall remain the world’s most renowned producers of duffle coats for men.

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