Garment Project

About Garment Projects

Easy to wear and great value for money, Garment Projects reflects the new era of minimal aesthetic but with great attention to detail. Garment Projects stands out as a brand with footwear for all occasions with their classic silhouettes not over saturated with trend set ideas. This is driven by a typically meticulous Scandinavian style finely balanced with an effortless and eye-catching look. These sneakers were created just as much for comfort as style. Carefully crafted trainers with textural contemplation regarding its uppers and soles, Garment projects have one of the cleanest looks and feel of trainers on the market.


History of Garment Projects

Garment Projects were founded in 2013 in the Scandinavian country of Denmark. Based out of Copenhagen, the footwear brand, currently in it’s infancy stage, has gradually become more familiar with stockists around Europe. The brand has earned a name for themselves in fellow Scandinavian countries, Norway and Sweden. They are now making waves in some of Western Europe’s prestigious sneaker stockists like Harvey Nichols in London and The Corner in Madrid.  Garment Projects can now also consider their brand international; Hong Kong based trendsetters Hype Beast also stock Garment Project sneakers. Also, there are a lot of shops in New Zealand that stock the trainers. With their sneakers collection gaining popularity, much effort is being put into developing a new range of accessories to reflect and highlight their sneakers. No date has been assigned to the launch of their accessories but for the Garment project enthusiast, the bags are likely to intrigue.


Products from Garment Projects

Garment Project has produced a range of footwear that doesn’t blend or experiment with colour, providing a strong representation of style with mono colour trainers. Whether it’s a hightop or lowtop, the Legend model is one of the most popular of Garment Project selection. There is no compromise with colour here, either all white or all black uppers and soles. These trainers are perfect for anyone who style with a tendency for monochrome.

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