Gant Rugger

About Gant Rugger

As one of three sub divisions, Gant Rugger along with Gant and Gant Diamond G combine to make ‘The house of Gant’. With their focus predominantly on the American market, Gant have produced clothing that have been aimed at professionals who work in a smart casual attire environment. This is evident by their focus on everyday styles like button-down shirt collars and locker loops on the back of shirts. Despite Gant not being state of the art or contemporary through the eras, they continue to reinvent their all American aesthetic, producing a style that can be recognisable in regard to American clothing heritage styles. Their men’s clothing has been a popular brand for university students, particularly in the Ivy League ranks. The introduction of Gant Rugger adds another dimension to their brand, updating their style for a cleaner, slimmer and sharper look.


History of Gant Rugger

Founded in 1949 by Bernard Gantmacher, Gant has a long-standing history in America, providing popular clothing and more particularly, popular shirts. Gant’s initial purpose was to focus solely on shirts for men. Ukrainian-born Gantmacher, established his base of operations for Gant in New Haven, which at the time was one of America’s most industrious towns for manufacturing clothes.

Gantmacher’s sons were a major part of the founding of Gant, starting out as local factory workers prior to World War II then attending university after the war. This enabled them to acquire the knowledge of the industry as well as the business acumen to succeed. The brothers saw that America was entering a period of rapid and profound change. The war had seen off old traditions and brought in a new wave of style and influence. New kinds of art, music and fashion were spreading across the nation. Initially, the Ivy leaguers were the main consumers of Gant shirts, with Connecticut being a historically recognisable state for education and affluence.


Products from Gant Rugger

There are major differences between Gant and it’s sibling company Gant Rugger, notably the style of fitting being the most obvious. Gant Rugger has paid greater attention to tapered legs and slim fits to coincide with this decade’s contemporary fashion. The Gant Rugger Intarsia Block Jacquard Jumper is a prime example of this, incorporating colour and knitted patterns to a smart winter jumper.  Whether it’s Gant Rugger or Gant, something they do very well is the Oxford shirt. The aptly named ‘Kick Ass’ Oxford shirt is one of their staple pieces that they have developed year on year for nearly 70 years.

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