About G-Star 

With their focus on the quality of the individual product, rather than expansive collections, G-Star Raw has gained popularity from its street style clothing, designed and produced with a luxury edge. They were one of the first brands to introduce raw, untreated denim as a desirable product, and perfected the denim silhouette to help flatter and compliment any shape and size. Along with their experimentation with different jean treatments and street style as luxury apparel, they also found a way to add personality to each of their pieces with different textures and washes. This desire to break away from the everyday has helped G-Star Raw build a reputation for bold designs and quality collections. 


History of G-Star  

Despite their huge influence on street style apparel G-Star’s history isn’t a long one, and it was only in 1989 that the brand was founded. Originally named Gap Star, this was quickly changed to avoid confusion with the already popular Gap. Starting out in the Netherlands, G-Star Raw drew inspiration from military designs from all over the world, putting their own unique spin on the uniformed styles. Their untreated jeans gathered the most attention, and soon companies from all had jumped on the bandwagon and were selling raw denim as a top selling item. 


Products from G-Star  

With the evolution of their designs, G-Star Raw has become an influential part of street style clothing, and their shirts and sweatshirts are the prime examples of this change. With bold patterns, large logos and a variations of materials, it’s easy to make a statement with your outfit with just one striking G-Star piece. Try a patterned or camo jacket in a sleek satin look finish, and balance it out with a pair of simple, yet long lasting, raw denim jeans. G-Star Raw proves that men’s style doesn’t need to stick to minimalistic designs, and that one statement piece is all you need to add a bold and brave look to your outfit. 

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