Filmore Skincare

About Filmore Skincare

Filmore Skincare are a new brand on the skincare scene, producing premium products for men based on the belief that skincare should be a part of your everyday routine. The mens skincare choice have grown significantly in the last few years and in an ever-demanding market Filmore Skincare are looking to make their mark. Coming with a fresh impetus on what guys desire in their skincare products, Filmore have kicked off their mission by combining simplicity, excellent ingredients and affordable prices – the typical guy’s perfect mix.


History of Filmore Skincare

Launched in 2016, Filmore have made significant headway in the handful of months they have been established. Filmore’s background is a story of two main features, design and craftsmanship. Created and produced in Scotland, Filmore use natural ingredients like aloe vera and pomegranate seed oil to give their products a unique touch and fresh feel. Drawing inspiration from the other side of The North Sea, their packaging is clean and simple with their bottle designs typical of the customary Scandinavian aesthetic. Slowly but surely Filmore are gaining the desired attention for their products, featuring in plenty of lifestyle and creative magazines, boosting their credentials further.


Products from Filmore Skincare

Filmore Skincare aren’t scared of moving away from the flow and going into untested territory. Evident in their F-1 face wash and F-2 moisturiser, coconut oil and pomegranate seed oil are two ingredients heavily involved to create their recognisable scent. The additions of other ingredients like sweet almond oil and sunflower seed oil are used for its natural cosmetic values like hydrating and moisturising as well as to create a unique formula. What goes into Filmore is important, however they consider what to exclude just as important. They have taken the no parabens and no sulphate approach, avoiding the divisive preservative and chemicals that are widely found in many cosmetic products. They are also a firm believer in not testing their products on animals.

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