About Duralex 

Chip resistant, sturdy, and perfect for any interior, Duralex specialises in tempered glassware that rises above the day to day, mass produced glasses. With their range of colours, designs and uses, Duralex offers glasses for all occasions, from elegant thin stemmed wine glasses, to thick glass mugs that are ideal for hot drinks. With their brand dating back to the 1940s, Duralex has built up a reputation for some of the best glassware in Europe, and with so many choices on offer, as well as their reasonable prices, there’s no reason to shop anywhere else. 


History of Duralex  

Tempered glass is essentially glass that has been toughened through chemical or thermal treatments, and are usually used in drinking tumblers to give them an extra boost of strength. Back in 1945, one of the pioneers of this breakthrough technology, Saint-Gobain, decided that tableware needed the benefits of his discovery, and the French glassware company Duralex was founded. Producing an expanse of products in new and exciting designs and colours, it didn’t take long for Duralex to gain critical acclaim from its quality products and varied range of glassware, and it’s still a hugely popular brand to this day. 


Products from Duralex   

For a versatile piece that’s ideal for boozy weekends, as well as that long drink of water after a long day, a set of simple picardie tumblers are the perfect choice. Grab some in a clear opaque or tinted blue, or mix and match the two, and match them with a range of tableware, regardless of your style. Along with their versatility you can rely on these tumblers to stay chip free and perfectly clear for years to come, no matter how much you knock them around. 

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