About Conpot

A necessity in stage two of pot plant growing, Conpot have created excellently crafted concrete pots to transition your shop bought plants to a more healthier plant growing option. Conpot are a growing lifestyle and homeware brand based in South London. With the aim of making minimalist products using different types of stone and concrete, Conpot ensure that their products are not as drab as just being concrete adding their own finesse and elegance to their products. Their handmade products display great quality and radiate excellent craftsmanship, and importantly each product is unique as no two pots can be the same.


History of Conpot

Homeware and lifestyle is an ever-growing industry in the UK with niche and unsaturated products being high on every homeowner’s wish list. Conpot is a perfect example of a brand that has niche and local attributes behind their concept. Working out of a small studio in Peckham, South London, Alastair Mitchell and Kezia Regan have designed and personally hand crafted their plant pots. Sourcing British materials to create their pots has been a distinct factor in their growing popularity with the ‘Made in England’ and or homemade aspect becoming ever more popular in contemporary society and fashion.


Products from Conpot

When looked at simplistically a concrete pot is only ever going to be a concrete pot in theory but Conpot have ensured that you don’t consider that to be the case with their products, displaying quality, colour and uniqueness. They have designed and produced multiple size pots using specifically different materials, intending various options to the consumer to match their desired aesthetic. The Green Granite pot is one of their most popular pots, made using Welsh green granite, this style of pot has beeswax applied to it to highlight the multi tonal green specks and to provide a slight sheen to the surface. Another popular line from Conpot is the white marble. With a colour speckles version to add a little style to their original white marble pot, the original is the seamless minimalist plant pot option, perfect for any household interior design.

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