About Boardies

Swim shorts will always be a staple to a man’s wardrobe, even if you don’t swim often or even at all. Swim shorts are just handy to have around just in case. When it comes to style and desirable swim shorts, Boardies are one of the most impressive brands on the scene. It does exactly what it says on the tin, meaning, if you’re looking for a great pair of swim shorts to chill on the beach or at a pool party, Boardies are a great option. Varied colours, pastels and patterns added with different lengths of shorts, Boardies have a great selection of shorts that work for everyone.


History of Boardies 

Far away from the beach party capitals of the world, Boardies Apparel are based in Shoreditch, London. With a team of people boasting a wealth of experience in the fashion industry, their intention has been to deliver inspired swim shorts. They have evidently looked at what the people want, using their roots and their connections in Ibiza to draw inspiration. They have often used “real people who do real things” to model their shorts whether that’s DJ’s, promoters or general partygoers in Ibiza to show a real relationship with the Boardies enthusiasts.


Products From Boardies

Comfort and style are the two things that come to mind when wearing a pair of Boardies. Style in the way of hand drawn print designs mixed with great colours and tones, while soft and super quick dry polyester with an inside mesh lining provide great comfort when wearing. Altogether with the colour providing a fantastic pool piece in terms of functionality and aesthetic. Length is also something they have taken into account, as preference will change with everybody. Depending on your style you can choose from a standard length or a shorter length if you’re feeling supremely confident.

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