Black & Blum

About Black & Blum 

Mixing functionality with fun, Black & Blum create designs that take your every day necessities and form them into practical, stylish and hardwearing pieces. As qualified industrial designers, the founders of Black & Blum took their intensive knowledge of product design and created award winning designs that vary from household objects like lights and door stoppers, to to functional pieces for when you’re on the go, such as lunch boxes and thermos flasks. Their designs maintain a clean, stylish, yet sturdy finish, and their affordable prices ensure that everyone can get a piece of functional art. 


History of Black & Blum  

After meeting while studying Industrial Design at Northumbria University, Dan Black and Martin Blum quickly combined their knowledge to found Black & Blum, initially starting the company as a consultancy, but soon taking on more creative pursuits and designing their own products in house. Their designs ranged from lighting and household products, that merged minimalistic vibes with striking finishes. Their products gained critical acclaim and they’ve won award after award, expanding their range to functional designs that are ideal for the stylish man on the go, and working with age old techniques to create unique and effective pieces. 


Products from Black & Blum  

Taking on unconventional, yet traditional ideas, Black & Blum Water Bottle managed to find a way to make water even healthier, creating a handy glass water bottle that contains a stick of Binchotan charcoal. This boosts the mineral capacity of the water, but also gives it a cleaner, fuller taste. There’s also more conventional designs such as the thermo flask, complete with a functional leather strap, and the foldable, secure Black & Blum lunch box. If you’re looking for designs that stay clear of the ordinary, but that don’t replace practicality with individuality, then look no further than Black & Blum. 

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