Billionaire Boys Club

About Billionaire Boys Club

The product of two world-renowned artists and international fashion icons Pharrell and Nigo, Billionaire Boys Club is a partnership that has created an American and Japanese pop culture fusion. Billionaire Boys Club clothing maintains their exclusive attraction by keeping the number of the products capped, and by doing this they ensure that they don’t lose their relevance by over saturating the market with their products. With collaborations with various brands and artists, including include BAPE and Ice Cream, they’re ever changing, and always elevating their products to the next level. Their products include T-shirts, polos, sweatshirts, jackets, shirts and more, figuratively providing something for all even if the quantities are limited, provoking a cult following for their releases.


History of Billionaire Boys Club

Initially based out of Japan, Nigo, the founder of clothing label A Bathing Ape joined up with contemporary cult figure Pharrell, to create a new premium-clothing label. Nigo was already familiar in his homeland of Japan, but Pharrell’s international following ensured a global interest in the brand. With the aim of delivering two new brands, Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream, they steadily kept the brand at a constant level for the first few years despite the withdrawal of Reebok from the BBC clothing line. Since 2011 the brand has powered along, expanding from its flagship in Tokyo, to marquee locations New York City and London.


Products from Billionaire Boys Club

Billionaire Boys Club clothing has a great collection of clothing, compiling a mixture of creatively inspired pieces and classically designed clothing. BBC tends to change their logo on their products for different styles, although they have a brand logo that remains constant in their flow lines. Their Club Ivy and Monaco lines are prime examples of adapting to a concept, removing the original logo to create a new and appropriate identity. Their small arch logo hoodie and jumper remain arguably their most important pieces because of its uncomplicated design and traditional logo. Just as similarly, their clothing with the larger traditional logo is a staple for all BBC enthusiasts.

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