B.D. Baggies

About B.D. Baggies

With the intention of creating a shirt for people who represent everything that comes with being the average American man, B.D. Baggies have produced a strong collection that clearly reflects its roots in American heritage clothing. Producing shirts for the working man, the Ivy Leaguers and through to the ‘Soccer Dads’, their ultimately chilled shirts can work in so many ways. B.D. Baggies shirts is not an over-complicated, technologically advanced development but a mere anytime shirt, ultimately ‘exactly what it say on the tin’ brand. Simple fabrics, simple designs and the more than practical chest pocket are not particularly unique features, but within its simple look culminates an unmistakable and popular style.

History of B.D. Baggies

Originally founded in 1919 in New York City, B.D Baggies has strived to deliver a classic American shirt. For a while they were accomplishing what they set out to do but just like many heritage type brands, fell away during the 20th century. It wasn’t until 1986 that B.D Baggies received a revival, opening their consumer base to the everyday man. This meant moving beyond the classic dress shirt for work to a dress shirt casual enough for everyday living that it didn’t seep pretentiousness. After a mixed performance during the 90s and 00s, Italian company W.P. Lavori stepped up in 2007 to deliver their expertise. Having implemented plans to benefit Woolrich Wollen Mills a few years previously, W.P. Lavori helped B.D. Baggies shirts continue to create their super soft fabric and restore B.D Baggies reputation and as a brand.

Products from B.D. Baggies

The label earmarked the dress shirt as their primary focus, creating shirts with plaid and patterned designs. Predominantly looking at British tailoring, B.D. Baggies shirts have been created in a slim fit and relaxed fit, implementing the button down collar or spread collar to their shirts. Very much an East coast style shirt, B.D. Baggies shirts are as conventional as they come.


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