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About Alpha Industries

Creating traditional airforce designs with a modern, street style twist, Alpha Industries is the place to go for all your outerwear needs. Infusing classic designs with bold block colours and sleek materials, Alpha Industries takes influences from historic products, maintaining their durability and practical design, while taking them into the 21st century. With bomber jackets taking centre stage in the both high fashion and streetwear, Alpha clothing is there to help separate you from the crowd, whilst ensuring that you’re getting the best quality flight jacket money can buy. 


History of Alpha Industries 

Beginning its journey in 1957, with the less sexy name of Dobbs Industries, the brand was set up to create quality outerwear for the U.S department of defence, including Air Force flight jackets and raincoats. The brand quickly changed to Alpha Industries, creating the iconic N-2B and MA-1 flight jacket. At the beginning of the 1970s they took a leap and veered into the commercial market, creating more stylised bomber jackets that focused on fashion as well as practicality. By the 90s they were respected as both an army supplier and a commercial brand, and it was then that it created its famous ‘flying A’ logo, which is still used to this day. 


Products from Alpha Industries

Offering a seemingly endless choice of flight jackets, Alpha Industries is the number one place to go to get that perfect pilot jacket you’ve been pining for, or the clean, practical parka that’s ideal for those rainy days. If you’re going for a classic bomber jacket design then you’ve got various options including the traditional MA1 bomber jacket, or its subtle variations of Alpha Industries leather jackets to compliment different fits such MA-1 TT and MA1 VF. Regardless of the flight jacket you choose you’re buying into a part of military history, with the designs on your back dating back to the 1950s and the birth of the Alpha Industries bomber jacket


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